10 best Easter candies for kids who hate chocolate

I don't know how I ended up with a daughter who hates chocolate. She and I are definitely not on the same page when it comes to this wonderfully decadent food. From Hershey bars to brownies, truffles to ice cream, chocolate chip cookies to triple layer cake, she hates them all. In fact, the only chocolate thing she likes is chocolate milk.

So, in a land of chocolate bunnies and chocolate-covered eggs, what are some yummy candies that a chocolate hater might like to see in their Easter basket? Here are 10 great ideas that are so delicious, you may not even notice that there's no chocolate in the bunch.


Sure, you can get Peeps at different times of the year now, but does any candy really symbolize Easter like Peeps? Whether you choose chicks or bunnies, Peeps come in enough colors and shapes to make everyone happy. Just beware of the chocolate-covered Peeps that have popped up in stores the last couple of years. They are decidedly not chocolate-free.

Jelly beans

Lucky me. I have the kid that hates chocolate and all things gummy. No gummy bears, gum drops, fruit slices or jelly beans for her. But if your child doesn't mind gummy textures, jelly beans are the perfect Easter treat. They fill plastic eggs perfectly and they can be found in dozens of varieties every spring.


Nerds come from Wonka, a company with a wide variety of non-chocolate favorites. They come in tiny boxes for almost every holiday or big boxes the whole family can share. My youngest daughter thinks rainbow Nerds are simply delicious sprinkled on top of orange sherbet. I think they are easy to sweep up if they are dropped on the floor.


You remember the little rolls of sweet and slightly tart disks known as Smarties. The Smarties Candy Company has been making these pastel candies since 1949. They don't melt or get sticky and little kids love them. Best of all, you can fit two or three rolls easily in a larger Easter egg. I think they are perfect.


Spree candies are tart little disks with a sweet, hard candy shell. They are another Wonka product and they come in about almost as many colors as Nerds. They are often sold in mini-rolls around Easter but large rolls can be opened and used to fill Easter eggs.

Dum Dums

Dum Dums come in 16 different flavors, and the Spangler candy company has been making them since 1924. If your kids despise even the hint of chocolate at the center of a Tootsie Pop, Dum Dums are the lollipop for them.


Skittles come in a whole rainbow of bright colors. You can get a big bag and fill eggs with loose Skittles or get individual mini-packs and toss them in the basket. With over 21 million fans on Facebook, Skittles are a pretty popular choice for Easter or any time.

Pixy Stix

If your child is old enough to keep from spilling their Pixy Stix all over the floor, these make a great chocolate-free addition to the Easter basket. As an added bonus, these Wonka treats stay fresh a really long time.

Laffy Taffy

My son is a fellow chocaholic, but even he gets excited over Laffy Taffy candies in an Easter egg. He likes to trade with his sisters to get his favorite flavors, and they all like the jokes on the wrappers. Laffy Taffy is another homerun from the Wonka company.

Pastel Mints

Sometimes called soft sugar mints, after dinner mints, buttercream mints, soft peppermints or even pillow mints, these soft pastel mints are a favorite of many children. You might want to hide some for yourself, because they are a favorite of many grown-ups, too!

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