10 cute Halloween costumes for toddler boys in 2011

Halloween costumes for boys usually follow movie trends. Halloween costumes toddler boys can wear are no exception. Which costume ideas are hot, how can you accessorize them and will they last longer than one season?

Where to buy?

Avoid big box stores and the supermarket. The stores usually feature scary Halloween costumers for boys a bit older than your little toddler. A better alternative are online retailers, such as the Costume Supercenter.

Movie-themed Halloween Costumes for Boys under 4

"Thor" was a major movie in 2011. A "Muscle Marvel Thor" costume lets a pint-sized trick-or-treater take on the role played by Chris Hemsworth. The setup features a muscle torso shirt but mom should fashion a suitable hammer to go with it.

Every so often, Disney re-releases the "Lion King." The epic sage of the circle of life and the little lion cub who shoulders the weight of the world -- for a while -- is popular among toddlers. A "Simba" costume, complete with adorable tail and headpiece, is warm and covers the child's entire body.

"Transformers" made another appearance in 2011, this time with the "Dark of the Moon" installment. Halloween costumes for boys capitalize on the characters of the movie. Ideas include the "Bumblebee" auto-bot and also the "Optimus" leader. Since these costumes feature intricate print patterns, they need little -- if any -- accessorizing.

If "Pirates of the Caribbean" is more to your liking, "On Stranger Tides" has reawakened the interest in "Jack Sparrow." Since pirates are perennially popular Halloween costume ideas, plan on getting two seasons out of the setup. Accessorize with a homemade wig, eye patch, sword and whatever else your youngster associates with the swashbuckling character.

The second installment of "Cars" was a huge hit for the fans of Lightning McQueen. A muscle "Cars 2" costume is a jumpsuit that features a muscle-padded top and dark pants.

Homemade Halloween Costumes for Boys of Toddler Age

If your boy watches "Yo Gabba Gabba," he is familiar with Muno, the red Cyclops. Use a red leaf bag for this costume and fashion a jumpsuit. A red paper bag attached to a swim cap makes the head. Attach red pom-poms to the suit and an eye to the middle of the bag.

Another great option is an outfit reminiscent of Thomas, the train. A blue jumpsuit, a long-sleeved shirt, a striped engineer cap and a big cardboard pocket watch are just some of the ideas for this costume, which puts the child into the position of conductor. In the alternative, draw the face of Thomas the tank engine on a sturdy cardboard box. Cut head and arm holes into the box, and the boy has an immediate train costume.

Who does not love "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?" A green pair of pants with matching shirt, a yellow turtle shell made from cardboard, a red belt and an eye mask: these are the basic elements of as homemade costume toddler boys will love. Accessorize with your son's temperament in mind; a cardboard sword is not a good choice for some youngsters.


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