10 reasons to love being a mom

Being a mom is hard work. Hard work that never ends and yet, if you ask a mom why they love being a mom, the answers reveal the truth; the rewards far outweigh the day-to-day struggles.

When I was the young mom of a little boy, I loved seeing the world through his eyes. Suddenly dinosaurs and robots, mud puddles and frogs were a part of my existence. As my family grew, the wonders continued to expand. I am sure they taught me as much as I taught them over the years!

I asked moms across the country why they love being a mom. Some of these ladies have young children, some a mixture of both old and young, and other have also taken on the grandma role; here is what they had to say.

"Those moments when your children 'get it' after you have been trying to help or teach them something are priceless as a mother. There is also NOTHING like snuggling up on the couch, eating snacks together, and watching a movie. The simple joys of being a mother are the most exciting moments to me." - Angel, Wadsworth, Ohio

"I love being able to use my kids as an excuse to turn down invitations! If I don't want to go to another candle party, I can just say my daughter has something scheduled. That is priceless. Oh, and the unconditional love, that is good, too." - Mary, Birmingham, Ala.

"What I love about being a mom is that even when my children are crying because they are mad or sad about something I have said, done, or not allowed, it is still ME they want to hug for comfort!" - Dawn, Cleveland, Ohio

"What I love about being a mom is that it lead to being a grandma and that is the sweetest reward for a job well done that I can imagine." - Jo, Durand, Mich.

"The hysterically laughing moments with your teenage daughters. The mommy-daughter talks in bed at night with them and getting all the good scoop about their relationships and boyfriends... homecomings, special occasions, high school football games... also, just sharing with them about the mistakes you made at their age, 'being real,' hoping they won't make the same ones." - Angie, Springfield, Ohio

"I know I'm doing something right when people tell me how nice my kids are when they are with them. I sometimes seriously wonder if I did a good job but this confirms it for me." - Michelle, Hinckley, Ohio

"I now know what true joy is and that is just awesome." - Dina, Litchfield, Ohio

"No other job in the world compares in compensation!" - Tammy, Atlanta, Ga.

"Without my children, I don't believe I would have ever known the depth of God's love for ME. Because His love for us is even greater than our love for them. On the practical side, they will always need their mommy, no matter how old they think they are." - Michelle, Medina, Ohio

"Why I love being a mom? It is the most fulfilling job on the planet. My daughter is not perfect, and neither am I, but I love the opportunity to share life with her." - Tina, Columbus, Ohio

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