10 reasons why you'll always need your girlfriends

Justin Bieber won big at the American Music Awards, but there's one gal who's not screaming the Bieb's name -- that's Selena Gomez. After a highly publicized breakup and rumors of a potential makeup, it looks like Gomez has found solace with pal Taylor Swift. Hanging out with a girlfriend may be just what Gomez needs to sort through her current relationship drama. You can love a man (or in this case, a Bieber) and keep your girlfriends. It is a juggling act, true, but one that is worth the effort for so many reasons.

Women need a confidante. He loves you, but does he get you? Girlfriends understand things that boyfriends don't or can't.

Girlfriends keep us grounded. Nothing brings me down to the ground quicker than a "Girl, are you serious?" from a trusted friend. She keeps me looking at life with healthy, balanced realism.

She gives new perspective. Gathering with my girlfriends gives me new perspective, a valuable resource when I can't find answers. I value the times my friends have said, "Maybe, you should look at it this way..."

She's someone who celebrates your victories. Who do I call when I get a big raise or score big at the outlet mall? Yep! My girlfriends. Celebrating small victories mean a lot to me; it's an activity that keeps me going through tough weeks. I can trust my girlfriends to celebrate with me.

Women encourage independence. I love that my friends are so independent; they inspire me to be stronger, smarter.

Women understand women. Nobody understands women better than women. Guys don't understand how a smooth-talking, gold-digger operates, but we do. Women get other women.

She has a sense of humor. I need to laugh and giggle; it's part of my DNA. My girlfriends and I don't just share heartaches; there are plenty of laughs to go around. Women are funny people who like lifting up others.

Who needs a wingman? Guys have a wingman; I have a wingwoman. A quick "HELP" text brings my friends to the bar quicker than I can order a Cosmo. Thank you, my friends!

Your best fashion editor is a phone call away. I admit that when it comes to clothing, sometimes my fashion-sense is a bit behind the times. I can't count the times I've picked up the phone to call a girlfriend when I have a fashion emergency. What boyfriend would coach me, by phone, through a dress rack at the local department store?

Women need other women. We all know that one woman that says she doesn't care for women; however, I'm glad I'm not her. Women need other women for support, love, and kindness. Create your own personal network or strengthen the one you have by offering these things to the people you love.