12 decorative uses for shutters

Recycling old materials into something new just feels good, which is one reason why decorating with shutters is so nice. Shutters add a rustic quality to virtually any space, making them perfect for home decorating. Not only that, buy by repurposing them, we can keep them out of landfills and help the environment. Here we'll discuss 12 decorative uses for shutters that you can use at home.

Old shutters can be found at your local flea market, in antique shops, yard sales, and other areas in your community. They're very inexpensive, easy to fix up, and can be used for all types of interesting things. Turn old shutters into a headboard, room divider, decorative shelf, and so much more! With that said, let's get started. Use these 12 decorative uses for shutters to create a rustic, welcoming, country, or eclectic feel to you current home décor.

Shutter workspace - Free up desk space by implementing a wall-mounted work center made from old shutters. Paint them a color that will blend with your current décor, and hang on the wall. Use peg hooks to hold clipboards, calendars, storage bins, keys, and other items that would otherwise be nailed to the wall. This idea will also work in the kitchen!

Shutter shelves - Attach small shutters to walls with L brackets to create casual shelves. This is a great way to use shutters in the kitchen, bedroom, office, or craft room.

Shutter wall décor - Who says shutters have to be used on exterior windows only? Mount shutters beside interior windows for a warm touch. Paint shutters white for a beachy feel, stain them for a rustic touch, or distress them for a shabby chic look.

Shutter room divider - Clean 4 - 5 same-size shutters with warm water and vinegar and repaint. Attach four 2" hinges to the back of each shutter to form a firm connection. Use your new room divider to create balance to a large room or to give privacy in a shared bedroom.

Shutter fireplace screen - No one wants to look at a dirty fireplace when it's not in use. Block that unattractive view with a homemade fireplace screen, made from shutters. Use three clean and freshly painted small shutters and connect them with hinges in the back. Hand paint a few embellishments, or add pre-painted accents from your local craft store to add a special touch.

Shutter faux window - If you're short on window space, you can create a faux view with a mirror and a set of shutters. Install a mirror on a wall with no windows and add decorative shutters on either side. The mirror will reflect light and with the shutters beside it, it will give the illusion of an additional window in the room. Believe it or not, this trick works!

Shutter window treatment - Looking for a unique window treatment? Take an old shutter and position it horizontally over a window, allowing it to overhang the top of the window by 2". Top it with a piece of molding (painted to match) and voila! You've created an instant wood valance. The top of the molding can double as a shelf to hold potted plants, collectible glass, or other small items.

Shutter pot rack - One of my favorite uses for shutters is this one. Turn an old set of shutters into a handy pot rack. Decide on the height you want it and hang the shutters overhead by four sections of heavy-duty chain. Attach four eye hooks to the corners of the shutters, attach the chain, and bolt in place. Hang pots and pans from S hooks that have been fastened through shutter slats.

Shutter picture display - Be creative when you're thinking of decorative uses for shutters and you're sure to come up with all kinds of ideas. Hang shutters vertically on the wall, using a carpenters level to ensure they're straight. Screw in place. Display framed photos, decorative mirrors, children's artwork, or small mementos from the shutter openings.

Shutter shoe shelf - Most of us have more shoes than we have room for. A quick solution is to use shutters inside the closet as an impromptu shoe shelf. Install slender shutters with L brackets near the bottom of the closet and you're done! Shoes are kept neat, orderly, and in-sight.

Shutter headboard - A unique headboard can really dress up the bedroom. Take a set of shutters and clean them up. Paint them with a high-gloss paint and bolt them to the wall behind the bed. Stack them vertically by themselves or install them horizontally, using a picture, tapestry, or other object in the middle as a focal point.

Shutter wall - At the website Olive and Love, they've come up with a completely off the wall, but very cool, way to decorate with shutters. How about a single wall that's been completely covered in shutters? You've got to see this for yourself! Check out the photo of the shutter wall and tell us what you think.

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