2012 Color Blocking Trends

Color blocking is one of the hottest trends for 2012 and it's already popping up in the fashion and accessories departments for spring. It's a fun way to play with some bold and neon colors this year, and many designers have added a few key pieces featuring geometric lines in an array of vibrant, eye-catching palettes. The contrast of two or more blocks of color ranging from neutrals to neons is what makes this such a fresh trend. From resort wear and weekend wear, to shoes and accessories, you'll draw plenty of attention with a few color-blocked pieces this season.

Here are six ways to flaunt the color blocking trend this year:

#1: Bathing Suits

Whether you're planning to wear a one-piece or a bikini this season, pick out a suit designed with geometric designs and at least three different colors. Color blocking is not wearing a bikini top in one color and bottoms in another. The colors need to be side by side on both pieces of the suit to work.

#2: High-Heeled Sandals

From peep-toe pumps to open-toed sandals, the color blocking trend makes an appearance in the shoe department with alternating brights and monotones. Look for shoes featuring a bright strip of color or shoes with a contrasting heel.

#3: Classic Handbags with a Twist

Designers including Marc Jacobs and Christian Dior have created color-blocked versions of their classics this year. Pick up a shiny new tote or slouchy bag in bold pinks, blues, yellows and greens to add a fun and playful twist to your look this season.

#4: Maxi Dresses

Dying to pull out the maxi dress for spring or summer? Pick out one that has a darker block of color down the torso and one or two other colors down the side for the ultimate slimming effect. You'll also find several maxi dresses that have diagonal stripes of color to create an asymmetrical look. These can also be very slimming and a fun take on the simple horizontal or vertical color-blocking effect.

#5: Three-Piece Ensembles

If you're looking to round out your resort wear collection or just want something a little fancier for a weekend lunch or special event, plan on wearing three contrasting colors from head to toe. Runway looks for this trend included bright red or pink pants, a pastel or white-colored blouse, and a bold-colored blazer or vest. Just make sure all of the colors you choose actually complement each other and make sure the brightest color highlights your best body part.

#6: Shift or Tunic Dresses

When you're sporting a fitted shift dress for work or a simple tunic dress on your day off, pick out one that has at least two contrasting colors. A dress that has a darker-colored lower half and white or neon-colored top half will look like a skirt and blouse combo. Some popular color combinations for the season are: black, white, and orange; teal and yellow; pink, purple, and orange; and green and white.


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