3 Father’s Day gift ideas for outdoorsy men

He is dad, coach, carpool driver and campout director rolled into one. Honoring this man of multiple talents is not as simple as buying a card and letting him enjoy unfettered access to the remote control for an afternoon. Father's day gift ideas for outdoorsy men call for ingenuity, understanding of what makes these rugged men tick, and a willingness to share into the passions that drive them. So step away from the men's outerwear rack, check out the aisles less traveled at the local sporting goods store, and do not hesitate to even check out the army surplus store at the mall. There is something for anyone's price range, which is great for getting the kids involved in the gift giving.

Multi-tool Pocket Knife

Dad may have an old Swiss Army knife, but there have been plenty of upgrades to the technology that combined a cutting blade with multiple tools in an easy to carry handle. Take for example the one-hand Trekker German Army knife, which retails via Yahoo! Shopping for about $31. The pocketknife is a standard-issue multi-tool that the German army has added to its gear. Real outdoorsy men have no need for toothpicks, and this multi-tool does not insult them with one. Instead, a partially serrated main blade is complemented with a saw, bottle- and can openers, an awl and a Phillips screwdriver. With a price so low, let the kids chip in!

Backpack with Baby Carrier

Top gift ideas for father's day must not overlook the functional backpack that allows a proud dad to carry his offspring on hikes and camping trips. If your youngster is older than six months, this backpack is must-have gear for rugged men chomping at the bit to teach the next generation everything there is to know about nature, camping and hiking. Check with your local big box sporting goods stores or hiking specialty supply outlets for child carrier backpacks. They combine plenty of space for infant and toddler supplies dad does not want to leave home without. Comfortable padding, light aluminum framing and adjustable safety harness technology make the day of any rugged men celebrating father's day for perhaps the first or second time. These backpack baby carriers may be a bit more expensive -- usually retailing above $200 -- depending on the optional gear you want to invest in when making the purchase.


Rugged men do enjoy bird watching, even if they might camouflage their love for the feathered friends by claiming that they are looking for bears or deer. Of all the gift ideas for father's day, binoculars are the most versatile simple because you have the option of going all out (moneywise) or keeping it very economical with a tight budget in mind. Outdoorsy men have plenty of uses for high-quality binoculars. Camping, hunting, fishing, hiking and mountain biking frequently call for a closer look at animals or things that are far away. Do not let dad be caught unawares!


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