3 summer dress styles appropriate for the office

As summer approaches the heat and humidity increase. While we want to maintain a professional appearance at work, we don't want to melt at our desks. Unfortunately, that tailored suit is not always the best option when temperatures reach triple digits. Don't fret ladies. There are three dress styles you can't go wrong with for those dog days of summer at the office.

The Sleeveless Sheath

Not all sheath dresses are made the same. By basic definition the sheath is nothing more than a close fitting dress made without a waistband or the need for a belt to provide shaping at the waist. There are different styles of sheaths from strapless minis to long sleeved varieties. For summer office wear, a basic sleeveless, scoop necked sheath will work. You can find many in solid colors and flattering prints.

Office Tip: For those days when you have meetings or presentations to give. Find a sheath in a heather gray, black, or pinstriped fabric and wear a light jacket or blazer in a matching fabric over it.

The Sleeveless Shift

You can say the shift is the opposite of the sheath. A shift dress hangs loose over the body. Not to be mistaken for a tent dress though. The shift will simply fall straight down from the shoulders over the body. Like with the shift you can wear a jacket or blazer in a matching fabric over it if you have a meeting or presentation to give.

Office Tip: If you want to add waist definition, tie a contrasting colored scarf around your waist as a belt or buy a contrasting, medium-width belt.

The Shirt Dress

The shirt dress is a simple and easy dress style that is appropriate for many situations. I am partial to the three-quarter sleeve and cap sleeve shirt dresses for the office. However, sleeveless ones are appropriate as well. As with other sleeveless dresses, wear a matching jacket or blazer for meetings and presentations.

Office Tip: If find that your shirt dress is a little too short, wear it over pants like a long tunic.

These three dress styles are easy options for your summer office wardrobe. It is hard to go wrong with any of these styles. One last office tip for you concerning hem length: make sure the hem falls no shorter than a thumb's length above the knee.

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