4 fall makeover tools under $50

The changing of the seasons excites me because I welcome my favorite sweaters and jackets back into my wardrobe. Unlike some of my friends, I don't enjoy have the same look year round. That bores me to tears! I think of the arrival of a new season as an excuse to splurge on new makeover tools. However, my modest income won't allow me to buy originals from my fav fall fashion shows. Instead, I keep my makeover tools inexpensive. This year, I found four that were less than $50!

Clip in bangs: I like bangs, for a few weeks, then I regret that decision. There's nothing you can do except wait out the hair. (Grow hair, grow!) This fall, I'm leaving my hair long but I'm buying a swanky new fall makeover tool--clip in bangs. This handy hairpiece can be trimmed to blend in around my face or I can go blunt and get a sharper look. I cannot wait to play with bangs, at least for a little while. When I'm done, I won't have to wait half a year to get my hair back to its current long length.

Airbrush makeup kit: When these cool tools first came out I was surprised at the cost. Now, you can pick up an airbrush makeup kit for less than $50! I am buying one and practicing my spray technique. I think an airbrush makeup tool will help hide those few "sunspots" I picked up this year.

Hair chalks: I love wearing my hair a bit longer but wearing it up all of them in a ponytail or bun makes me feel frumpy. I am addicted to a messy bun; there's no denying it. This fall, I have invested a few ten-dollar bills in hair chalks. I have a bold blue and deep purple that I think will really play up my fall clothing wardrobe. Chalked hair looks fantastic when tossed up in an elastic band or worn in a casual side braid.

Virtual makeovers: I remember those old, clunky virtual makeover tools some websites had. You pick an avatar that supposedly looks like you then you paint her up like a virtual Barbie head. Those sucked! This year, I'm using a much cooler tool from RealBeauty.com. This makeover gizmo lets you upload your photo and then you can try all kinds of colors on your eyes, lips and cheeks. I love this makeover tool! It's totally free!

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