4 gestures that can spice up your romantic life

Whether you've been dating your boyfriend for three months or a couple of years, it never hurts to try to spice up the romance. Instead of waiting for him to make the first move, reach out with some romantic gestures. Making the effort to rev up the romance in your relationship will show your guy that you care. Here are four gestures that can spice up your romantic life.

Plan a Special Date

Guys like being surprised with special dates, too. Instead of taking him to the movies or to the same old restaurant, try to plan a date the he would never expect. Think about his interests and plan the date around what he likes to do. For example, if he enjoys wine, take him wine tasting.

Give Him a Love Note

Women are not the only ones who go crazy over love notes; a lot of guys also love receiving these special notes. Write your guy a genuine love note telling him how much he means to you and what you love about him. Leave this note somewhere he will see it like on top of his dresser.

Cook Him a Nice Dinner

I'm sure you've heard this before but, the fastest way to a guy's hear t is through his stomach. So take the time to cook him a nice dinner one night. Even if you make him something as simple as pasta, he will appreciate it because you made it for him. Also, pick up a bottle of wine and light a couple of candles around the table.

Do One of His Chores

Doing one of his chores sound so simple, but it is something he will really appreciate. Think about what he needs done and do it for him. For example, if you know he's been too busy to do his laundry lately, take his clothes to the laundry mat while he's gone and have them washed.

Doing these romantic gestures will make your guy feel loved and might even make him more romantic.

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