5 coordinating Halloween costumes for siblings

I love Halloween. Yet, I think my daughter likes it more. After all, what kid doesn't like dressing up, going door-to-door and eating candy. With the birth of my son, I now have the excuse to buy coordinating costumes for a boy and a girl. I imagine this won't last forever. However, right now, my four-year-old is excited and my seven-month-old doesn't really have a say in the matter. Here are five coordinating Halloween costumes for boy and girl siblings.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

At first my daughter wanted to be a dinosaur. Then, she wanted to be a ladybug. However, after seeing the Little Red Riding Hood Costume, she decided that would be a "great idea!" Then, we found a wolf costume for her baby brother. Little Red Riding Hood has a dress, basket and a hooded cape. I can't wait to take pictures.

Dorothy and Toto

I'm thinking we need to watch The Wizard of Oz soon. Dorothy and Toto is a great idea if you have an older girl and a younger boy. Dorothy should wear a blue and white gingham dress, a white blouse and red sparkly shoes. Any brown dog costume with pointy ears will do for Toto.

Dora and Diego

Dora the Explorer and Go Diego Go are popular shows for young kids. It is easy to create "costumes" for these characters with regular clothing. Dora wears a bright pink t-shirt and orange shorts. She has yellow socks and a purple backpack. Final touches would include a short brown wig and white sneakers. A Diego costume could be created using dark blue shorts, an orange backpack (rescue pack), blue t-shirt and a natural colored vest.

Peter Pan and Tinker Bell

This dynamic duo will be a hit when you take the kids trick or treating. Tinker bell is dressed in light green with an iridescent skirt. Wings and a wand are a must for this costume. Peter Pan should wear green pants, shirt and vest along with a hat with a feather.

Mickey and Minnie

There's something about Minnie and Mickey that kids just love. My daughter was Minnie last year but she didn't have a sibling yet. The Disney Store has a ton of different options for Minnie and Mickey costumes. For a baby boy Mickey costume, the baby can wear a black bodysuit and red shorts with two round white "buttons" on the red shorts. Sew on white polka dots to any red or pink dress for an easy Minnie Costume.

If you don't have a girl and a boy, you could coordinate costumes with a cousin or friend's child.





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