5 fall style myths

Fashion is supposed to be a creative field, so why are there so many rules? The truth is one trip to a fashion show will show you that the so-called fashion rules are blatantly broken everyday by those in the know. This is good news for those who have been locked into certain habits due to outdated fashion myths. Check out the following myths and how they have been busted.

1. One pattern at a time: If you read any women's magazines, or look at store mannequins, you may have already seen this fashion myth shattered. Try stripes with polka dots or argyle with plaid. The pieces should show some congruity, maybe in style or tone, but overall anything goes. Tie the look together with a pair of solid shoes, belt, or scarf so people understand that your outfit was intentional and you did not get dressed in the dark.

2. Blue and black clash: My father of all people practically enforced this rule when I was growing up. Since I was not rebellious back then, I listened and even passed on a stunning navy and black dress because of this myth. Like most fashion myths, there was a time and a place for the rule, but it has passed. While wearing a navy blue shirt and black slacks may make you look as if you dressed in the dark, if you increase the contrast, it can work. Consider adding red accents, layering with white, or opting for brighter hues such as cobalt.

3. Do not wear white after Labor Day: This is a myth few follow these days, but just in case you still walk past white, let me introduce you to winter white. This softer, gentler shade of white is just the color you need to brighten your complexion and give your outfits some much needed contrast. Ease into wearing white after Labor Day with a winter white sweater, or embrace the color in a gorgeous winter white wool coat.

4. Sparkles are for evening only: There is weight to this rule; sequins and sparkles do look fabulous at night. But with that said, you can definitely rock a sequined skirt during the daylight hours. The trick is to combine it with items that tone down the glam factor. Add opaque black tights, flats, and a casual black sweater. Balance is everything. A pair of Converse will pull the sparkle down to earth in no time flat.

5. Shorts are for summer: This is one rule I love to break. In fact, as the summer clearance sales begin, I am in there shopping for my fall wardrobe. Shorts are fabulous in fall when worn with a chunky sweater, tights and oxford heels. Look for darker hues and heavy fabrics when choosing fall shorts. Skip the denim unless you are going for a particular funky look like frayed denim with black tights and booties. You can't go wrong with leather shorts, especially if you can find them on sale!

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