5 fashion bloggers you should be reading

Fashion bloggers offer new perspectives, interesting images, and advice. With that said, the world of fashion blogging is full of truly unusual sites. I like quirky, but there is a line. Simply posting images of you posing awkwardly in an awkward outfit is not going to grab my attention. I want to see personality as well as style. If the fashion blogger can pull that off, then I will follow. Let me introduce you to my five fabulous favorites.

The Sartorialist

Do you know Scott Schuman? There is no denying the power this man and his street style blog have. I fell under the spell of his daily postings and world travel. "Scott Schuman began The Sartorialist," according to his biography, "with the idea of creating a two-way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life."

His candid shots are more than worth the time you will spend browsing the blog. I have been inspired to stand taller and put more time into my outfits. You know, just in case I am spotted on the street!

Garance Dore

I met the fascinating Garance through posts on her on The Sartorialist. The stylish couple, Scott and Garance, are powerful fashion bloggers, on their own and together. The passion for fashion is evident; she is romantic and celebrates fashion and life in general. She is also hilarious, (for proof check out Follow Me!), honest, and French. She can do no wrong!

Heavy Browsing

Started by two English majors, I am pleased to report that this blog has actual words, complete sentences, and even paragraphs. This duo writes about everything fashion with intelligence and humor. This is a novelty in the fashion blogging world where pictures not only reign supreme; they often comprise the entire blog. Read their maxi skirt rules, Overruled: Wearing Maxi Skirts for a glimpse of their style.

P.S. I Made This

Erica Domesek is someone you probably know. If you do not recognize the name, then you may recognize her work. She has been featured in major publications such as In Style, Italian Vogue, Self, and The Wall Street Journal. Erica has also transitioned from her DIY lifestyle brand, P.S. I made this, and have appeared on Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray and was a judge on TLC's Craft Wars. Her list of accomplishments goes on and on, thankfully her blog does as well. The useful DIY fashion tips include such gems as how to make Color Pop Platforms and Spiked Rope Bracelet. Always up to the minute trend wise, P.S. I Made This is chock-full of information and inspiration. This is definitely a must-follow fashion blog.

Advanced Style

This is not your typical fashion blog. Ari Seth Cohen is a street style blogger much like The Sartorialist, who features stylish and creative older folks. I stumbled upon his website last year and was instantly intrigued by the images and even more so, the fascinating stories behind the shots. While I can look longingly at blogs of stylish teens with money to spare, I need to do my homework for the next phase in my life. Reading stories of women, who take up ballet at 60, start up a modeling career, or a new fashion line is intensely inspiring.

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