5 fun and frugal play date ideas for fall

I'm so excited that it is almost fall. In the summer, the weather is so hot, it's hard to find places to beat the heat. In autumn, the options are limitless. Our playgroup meets once a week so it's good to have plenty of fun choices for the kids. Likewise, it's also important for my play dates to be economical. This is why I like these 5 fun and frugal play date ideas for fall.

Pumpkin patch

For us, the pumpkin patch is not just a once a year excursion. I like to go in the middle of the week before the "Halloween rush." Typically, there are bales of hay to climb on, a cornfield maze and a produce market. For the play date, pack a lunch, enjoy the fresh air and, of course, check out some pumpkins.

Mini apple pies

Fall is apple picking season. Invite some friends over to make mini apple pies. To make it easy, you can use refrigerated pie crusts. If you don't mind a little bit of a mess, you can make the dough and then let the kids roll it out. You can use muffin tins or small apple pie tins. Here's a great recipe for delicious pies. To work up an appetite, go outside and play a game of tag while the pies are cooking.

Mini pumpkin decorating

Pumpkin carving is fun. However, with a decent amount of kids, it can get messy quick. Plus, it can be hard for little ones to carve out a face on their own. Using mini pumpkins, markers, adhesive foam and googly eyes, kids can make a face on their pumpkin. There are also decorating kits that come with eye, nose and mouth cutouts. This makes it easy for kids to design a face.

Fall sports

Gather up some Nerf footballs and soccer balls and head to the park. If you have small cones, you can construct a makeshift goal or have children dribbled in and out of the cones. Kids can throw the footballs and practice passing. If you are up for it, have a scrimmage or game of flag football.

Fun with leaves

Have your playgroup meet at the park or nature center. Children can find several leaves. Then, after gluing the leaves onto a sturdy piece of paper, the kids can create a leaf animal. The leaf itself should be the body. Kids can use markers to draw the animal's legs, head and tail. Afterwards, kids can play at the park.



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