5 inappropriate costumes for little girls

Halloween is about having fun, and dressing up, but it seems as though the costumes intended for girls are getting sexier and sexier every year. I'm not a prude, but little girls shouldn't be dressing in a sexually suggestive manner, not even on Halloween. I don't understand why the skirts on costumes intended for little girls are getting shorter and shorter every year. Eventually they'll be so short, they won't even bother including a skirt with the costume!

Browsing some of the latest Halloween costumes for kids, here are just a few that I recommend parents avoid at all costs.

Gothic Cheerleader Costume

This gothic cheerleader costume might seem more appropriate for a sorority girl planning on getting wasted at a frat house for Halloween, but strangely enough, it's only available in children's size medium and large. Add a second sleeve and lengthen the skirt a couple inches and maybe we'll talk.

Meda Star Child

This Meda Star Child costume reminds me of a Britney Spears outfit. Every little girl dreams of being a popstar, but walking around with her entire stomach exposed on Halloween isn't OK. I remember my little sister dressing as Disney's Jasmine for Halloween one year, and even though the costume was supposed to be midriff, it had a flesh colored extension from the blue top, turning it into a full length shirt that maintained the intended look of the costume. What ever happened to those?

Cinderella Costume

I enjoy more "classic" costumes, especially on children, but I recall Cinderella's ball gown being floor length, not so short that it barely covers her panty line. This super-short skirt Cinderella costume is available in sizes 2t-6. In other words, from toddlers to kindergarteners.

Candy Corn Charmer Costume

Food costumes are usually funny or cute, but this Candy Corn Charmer costume is just outright suggestive. Besides, since when has candy corn ever been considered to be "charming?" If your kid wants to be a piece of candy corn for Halloween, then by all means let them, but the last time I checked, candy corn wasn't provocative, short skirted, or form fitting. In fact, candy corn is triangular, isn't it?

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman, as most of us know, wears a leotard with a bottom equatable to a swimsuit. In previous years, I have seen Wonder Woman costumers that had flesh colored pants and leggings to make it a little more modest and seasonably appropriate, but this children's Wonder Woman costume definitely shows some skin; something I don't want to see on little kids going door-to-door at strange houses in the middle of the night.

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