5 men's hats women make look better

We ladies love to accessorize. We also like to borrow fashion items from the men in our lives. One fashion accessory we like to borrow from men are their hats. Why not? We look good in them. Check out five styles of men's hats that we look better -- and sexier -- in.

The Porkpie

While hunky Jude Law looks quite dashing in his Porkpie hat, we ladies look great in it as well. This jazz hat has a quirky, slightly sensual charm to it when we wear it with other menswear items like trousers with suspenders and a pair of penny loafers. For a casual, flirty look wear your hair in beach waves when donning the porkpie.

Style Option: BDG Straw Porkpie Hat at Urban Outfitters, $29

The Fedora

The Fedora is the perennial trendy menswear hat for women to wear. While the fellas are stuck with neutral, black, browns and grays we get to sport bold and flirty colors. This year be daring and go for a juicy fruit color to brighten things up for summer and early fall.

Style Option: August Hat Asymmetrical Fedora at Nordstrom, $48

The Bowler

The signature of hat of the OLG (Original London Gangster) was a hit a few seasons back when the menswear trend was en vogue. This British import is still a style maker. It looks sensual and quirky when worn with a demure dress or blouse. It is sexy and daring when worn with a sharply tailored, pinstriped pantsuit.

Style Option: ASOS Felt Roll Brim Bowler, $36.36

The Slouch

We can thank Greta Garbo for letting the world see that women look sexy and sophisticated in this hat. Her iconic image wearing this traditional military hat in the film "A Woman of Affairs" changed the view of this hat as being strictly for men in uniform.

Style Option: Black Slouch Hat from Gentleman's Emporium, $51.95

The Trilby

This is not a hat a lot of are familiar with. However, it soon may be after people take a gander of how hot Cameron Diaz looks in one in the June issue of Harper's Bazaar UK. The Trilby is a type of Fedora and is sometimes simply referred to as one but this version of the Fedora is slightly larger. It is a favorite amongst wealthier individuals. As a result, it is pricier than the standard Fedora.

Style Option: Rag and Bone Summer Trilby Straw Hat at Saks Fifth Avenue, $175

These five men's hats are very stylish and timeless. Pair them with some of your more masculine garments for a classic look. Be trendy and pair them with some of your most girlish outfits. No matter how we ladies wear them, we still make these hats look better than the fellas do. If you want to see the pictures of each linked hat and the iconic slouch Greta Garbo made famous check out Classic Men's Hats Women Look Great In.

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