Get a 5 minute pouf

Ever wonder how Sarah Palin and Jane Leeves get their perfect hair pouf? The truth is this retro hair-raiser takes no more than a few minutes to create. Whether wearing a stylish do for a business conference or a social night out, get a major boost with a five minute pouf. You don't need a professional stylist to tease your roots for you--you can do it at home. Anyone can wear this easy pouf. You will need a boar-bristle brush, a slim headband and your favorite finishing spray.

First, start with dry hair. It doesn't have to be squeaky clean; as a matter of fact, a little dirtiness is preferred. That's especially if your hair has a fine texture. Brush it out completely but not so much that you make it oily.

Grab a section of hair from the crown of your head, right at the back. I hold the hair straight up and remove any strays with my other hand. Then I use a boar-bristle brush to back comb the hair. Do this by sliding the brush up and down the hair you are holding. You will see it creates a poufy wad.

Pull up some hair in front of the first crown section. Treat it the same way, backcombing with the boar bristle brush, up and down. Don't tease all the way to the front of your hair. You don't want to look like the Bride of Frankenstein! Leave some hair loose at the front. This will cover the pouf later.

Now, examine the back of your hair using a big mirror and a hand mirror. Smooth just the surface hairs with the brush. Do not press down or bare down with the brush. Instead, smooth over the hair lightly to cover your teasework.

After you adjust the back of the hair, lightly comb the front strand up and over the poufy areas. Slide the thin headband in place.

Arrange the hair with your fingers or use the brush to smooth it back. Douse the hair with the finishing spray so that it keeps the hair in place. Voila! A five-minute pouf that looks fabulous!

If you're not crazy about the headband idea, pull up the hair and cinch it at the back of your head with a decorative comb or combs. A poufed French bun looks stylish too!

Do you think you could do this poufed look in under five minutes?

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