5 must-try dress trends for fall

While we're all going to miss maxi dresses and those mid-thigh skirts, fall has presented a host of fresh dress styles to try. From color-blocking to graphic prints, the fall season has plenty of fashion-forward pieces to get excited about. While many women skip dresses altogether when the weather gets cold, an appropriate dress style can give your professional look a boost, while still keeping you warm. Found in a wide range of colors, fabrics, textures, and lengths, fall-inspired dresses are suitable for both casual and formal occasions. Check out these must-try dress trends for the fall season.

1. High, Draped Necklines

It doesn't matter if your bust is big, small, or any size in between because with high, draped necklines, we've got you covered. These formal gowns are easy to wear as they're made to fit loose and comfortable. Create the perfect silhouette with a sleek, silk or satin dress. High, draped necklines look fantastic with short sleeves and a mid-calf length.

2. Color Blocking

Color blocking is a cheerful new trend that has made a major splash in the fashion industry. Dresses are one of the most popular ways to wear the color blocking trend. Wrap dresses easily incorporate blocks of vibrant color that makes simple dressing glamorous. When incorporating the color blocking trend into your everyday looks, stick to a maximum of three colors to avoid looking too "rainbow-ish."

3. Red Anything

Pops of crimson have become a major fashion trend when it comes to stylish dresses. Rock the rouge from head to toe, paired with black and gray accessories to balance the red hues. While red is super bold and dramatic, it can also be very stylish when put together in a subtle manner. For fall, red anything is certainly in when it comes to dresses.

4. Large Graphic Prints

Over-sized, bold graphic prints are a must-try dress trend for the fall season. Floral designs, geometric shapes, and animal prints have been seen all over the runways. These graphic prints come in all sizes, shapes, and colors, so you are sure to find a print that suits your personality perfectly.

5. Bold Contrasting Collars

It's amazing how just a simple collar and go a long way to completely change a dress. This fall, cute, contrasting collars is the trend to try. When selecting a contrasting collar, consider a shape that will flatter your face. Women with more angular faces should stick with collars with rounder edges, while pointy tipped collars look better on women with softer features.


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