5 Signs You're in the 'Boyfriend Bubble'

At the beginning of a romantic relationship, many women struggle with finding a balance

between getting to know their new beau and spending time with their best girlfriends. It's challenging to shift your priorities and make sure everyone in your life - your friends, your family and your significant other - feels valued and appreciated. It's much easier to just focus your attention on your handsome man instead. "We call this going on 'Boyfriend Hiatus,'" said Marni Battista, relationship expert and Dating with Dignity founder. "It means that you've taken a complete hiatus from all of your friendships, diving into your man's life and the bubble that you've created together." With these five signs, you can figure out if your new relationship is compromising your friendships.

1) Your friends disregard your new man. It's important to overcome this issue and create a social circle that includes your friends and your boyfriend. A recent study from University of Illinois recently revealed five strategies to help maintain relationships, one of which is a shared social sphere. Make an effort to include both your friends and your partner's friends in joint activities.

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2) The girls don't invite you along anymore. "If your girlfriends stop asking you to hang out, it's probably because you've already said 'no' so many times," explained Battista. "They've let you go to the dark side." Instead of choosing between your friends and your man, try to think of an activity that you all can do together.

3) Your boyfriend wants you all to himself. While a strong friendship is the number one quality of a lasting romantic relationship, it's important maintain a life outside of your partnership (source). Let your man know that you need to spend some time with your gal pals too.

4) You can't stop texting him. When you are out with your girls, are your hands glued to your phone? You need to put it away and live in the moment. You shouldn't have to feel like you need to give your boy a play-by-play.

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5) Your friends say that you've changed. Rather than get defensive when they try to talk to you about the "new you," take a step back and look at the bigger picture before you ruin your friendships and your relationship.