5 signs you're dating down again

Dating a guy that brings you down? Could be that you are just plain dating down! You know how it works, she is gorgeous, and he's not. She is bright, witty and going places. He's comfy living in Nowheresville. It is easy to spot this pattern in other lives but it's different for you, right? Chances are if you have a history of looking for guys that rank below you, you have done it before Look for our five signs that you are dating down, again.

Your friends loathe him. When nobody likes him, (except the one flirty "friend" that can't trust) then you might be dating down. If Bestie or Mom both thinks he stinks, he is not the guy for you. In private, in complains about your pals and even has ugly nicknames for them. Listen to your friends; they know you best.

He's a "pleb." That's short for "plebeian," another word for common guy. If he wipes his nose on the tablecloth, doesn't think twice about skipping a shower and spends three straight days gaming, he's a pleb. You're definitely dating down!

You would rather hide him. If given an option, you would rather hide him than take him out in public, you, dear, are dating down. Here's another scenario, it's your three-month anniversary but no one knows it because everyone thinks you are single. That's a sure sign that your date is a five or less.

He is bad for you. Since started your covert affair, you gained ten pounds, let your roots grow out and now own sweat pants. Perhaps you've emptied your savings account or lost your job. It may not be dumb luck. Dump him before it is too late! If you leave him feeling down and depressed by his "friendship" you don't need him.

You have dumped him before. Here's a true sign--you've dated him before! Yes, that makes you a serial down-dater.

If you constantly date down, perhaps you should consider a "time out" from dating. Get to the bottom of what makes you choose toxic guys.