5 signs you're settling

It's a tough thing to admit but it has happened to almost everyone at one point or other--you settle. Your hopes of finding your soul mate, your perfect match disappear into a haze of jaded relationships, pressures from your family or personal setbacks. So now, you're dating this guy and he's, well, okay. Could he be more than he appears? Or here is the tougher question: did you plan on marrying a ten but will now settle for a five?

Check out these five signs that you're settling!

His quirks drive you crazy. You purposefully look away when he sucks his teeth, drops his socks on the floor and bores you with useless trivia questions. Sure every person has his flaws but are these flaws more than you can stomach? If you said, "I'd never marry a man that..." then don't do it! You have settled.

Alone time becomes more important to you. If your me-time becomes your favorite time of the day, week or month, you have relationship problems. Liking your own company more than his could indicate you settled.

The biological clock is a factor in your romantic decision-making. Having babies on the brain impairs the reasoning of some women. Don't be one of them! Settling for a "sperm donor" will not bring you happiness. In this day and age, there are too many choices available to women who want to have a baby. Getting saddled with a man you don't love won't insure a happy family.

He's a project to you. You want to save/change/fix/help him. You dream of dressing him up, fixing his teeth, teaching him about classical music. Don't settle for a project. Even if he agrees to be molded by your fashionable hands, that's no guarantee he is the one for you. Don't be surprised if he accepts the makeover then leaves you. Never date a guy that you need to fix. It never ends well.

You have to make excuses for him, constantly. Then yes, you have settled. If he huffs away from your friends or embarrasses your family members with rude comments, he's so not the one. Don't settle for a guy that you find socially sub par. He will never make you happy.

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