5 Test Preparation Tips for Kids

Ease Test Anxiety with These Simple Tips

We have state testing going on in the school district that I work for and I have found some kids to be more than nervous, some are having test anxiety. Some children are not physically nor mentally ready for the test.

There are test preparation tips that can be done at home that can help your child prepare for the test whether it be a state test or an academic content test.

While taking a test is never easy to do and the ever mounting pressure for schools to perform is not only taking its toll on the teachers and staff, it is sadly the children who feel the brunt of the testing pressure.

Here you will find 5 test preparation tips for kids that may help your child prepare for test the best they can and keep in mind there is no miracle answer or cure but only tips that may help to alleviate some of that test anxiety.

Test Preparation Tip #1: Tell Your Child About the Reality of a Test

Remind your child frequently that while tests are important and that your child should try to do their best, the bottom line is that a test is a small snapshot of the child's life on that particular day and moment in time. That particular day and moment in time may not be when your child is performing to the best of his/her ability due to a plethora of possible circumstances. The fact is that tests do not always represent the student's true abilities and knowledge. If a child is having a bad day or is feeling a little under the weather, those factors alone can negatively affect a child's testing results or cause the child to have more test anxiety than he/she normally would have.

Test Preparation Tip #2: Make Sure Your Child is Well Rested

Parents hear all the time how important it is for a child to get enough sleep and be well rested but the fact is many children do not get ever enough sleep during the school year. I have suggested to parents that they not only try to get their child to bed early the night before testing begins but that they start an earlier bedtime schedule a few weeks before the testing begins. Going to bed at the same time for a few weeks will most likely cause the child to get into a routine, their bodies and mind will be adjusted to an earlier bedtime well before test time.

Test Preparation Tip #3: Offer Your Child Some Type of Breakfast

This is another general tip we hear often but is an especially important test preparation tip that I do not believe is followed enough. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard a child's stomach growling and the child was not able to focus on their academic work because they were so hungry. I do know that many children say they do not feel hungry in the morning when they wake up and it is understandable, many adults do not feel hungry when they first wake up. So if later morning hunger does occur, a granola bar or fruit roll-up in the pocket or backpack is helpful to that curb hunger.

Test Preparation Tip #4: Praise Your Child

You want your child to go into a test situation feeling as confident as possible and also good about themselves. No matter how a child performs on a test, they most likely worked hard and put forth great effort. Praise your child for their efforts, trying hard is so much more important than the results. A hug and kiss never hurt either!

Test Preparation Tip #5: What Changes Can be Made?

Talk to your child when the next test comes around as to what they think would help them to prepare for their test. I think we often forget that many times children do know what works best for them and bringing up a discussion as to what changes could be made to make the test preparation experience even more positive for the child may yield some very enlightening conversation.

Remember to try and make the testing experience as positive as possible for your child, knowing you tried your hardest to prepare your child for the test and hoping they will do the best they can is all we can ask for as parents.