5 tools you need for your bangs

Whether they are blunt or side swept, bangs always make a statement. They make the features on your face stand out and can even make you look younger. It is important to have the right tools to style your bangs so that they look well-kept and stylish. Here are the five tools you need to keep your bangs looking great.

Dry shampoo

Bangs tend to get greasier than the rest of your hair, especially after you get done working out. You will need some dry shampoo to soak up the oil. Just apply a dime-sized amount to your bangs when they are looking greasy, and they will look clean and fresh in no time.


It is important to blow-dry your bangs because they just do not look good when they are dried naturally. Blow-dry your bangs as soon as you get out of the shower so that they do not have a chance to dry by themselves. You can blow-dry the rest of your hair later.

Cuticle Scissors

Bangs require frequent trims to continue looking great. But you do not want to keep going to the salon every couple of weeks - that is just a pain. You won't have to if you invest in a pair of cuticle scissors. These scissors are much smaller than regular scissors and can be used to trim your bangs.


When your bangs get curly or frizzy, it is a good idea to have a flat-iron around. A flat-iron can smooth the frizz and make your bangs look smooth and sleek. Just remember to apply a heat protecting product on them beforehand to prevent damage.

Large paddle brush

A large paddle brush is the best kind of brush to use for your bangs. It will really help smooth them down and make them look pretty. As you are blow-drying your bangs, brush them down with the paddle brush.

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