5 unusual weekend date ideas

When you're married or dating, it's common and convenient to get into comfortable routines. My husband and I usually end up catching a movie, hitting the gym and playing video games together when we both have a weekend off. After years of marriage, the same routine can get old. Try these five unusual weekend long date ideas to change up your routine and keep things fresh. Through these activities, you can also learn new things about yourself and your partner.

Live Action Role Playing (LARP)

Live Action Role Playing (LARPing) is a hobby in which you design and assume the role of your very own character in an adventure. Some LARPs are fantasy-based (think "Lord of the Rings") while others are modern or post-apocalyptic (kind of like "The Walking Dead"). In the US, many LARPs occur over the course of the weekend. During that time, you live and interact with others while portraying your character.

I LARP with my husband all the time. In addition to finding a weekend of entertainment at LARPs, we are able to improve our communication skills while gaming as it's often about working together as a team.

Photography expedition

Once you buy the camera, digital photography is a relatively inexpensive hobby. I learned that my husband was interested in photography after he started taking some photos to accompany my articles. Since then, we've taken some detours to get some photographs of attractions as we pass by.

I'd love to take a weekend-long photo trip, driving to specific locations to sight-see and take photos. Couples could even accomplish this using a theme, the object being to take photos of different animals or to capture the perfect sunset.

Randomize your weekend

If you and your partner appreciate spontaneity, consider a random weekend. Have an adventure you don't exactly know about. You can accomplish this in a few ways:

  • Give a trusted friend a budget and allow the friend to plan a fun weekend for you
  • Plan Saturday and ask your partner to plan Sunday-but keep the plans secret
  • Head to venues and nightlife locations without planning what to see or where to eat

I enjoy it when my husband tells me he has a date planned--but doesn't tell me where we're going until we get there.


Geocaching is an engaging hobby that appeals to those who like scavenger hunts. To play, you need a GPS device (including a phone with GPS capabilities). Using the official website, you can locate a geocache (usually a trinket and log sheet hidden) and log it.

You can geocache in most locations including the city. Most geocaches are located outside near public locations and businesses.

Full meal

If you're dating a foodie, consider traveling the globe in your nearest city by sampling cuisine from as many countries as possible in one weekend. You can best accomplish this by having a five-course meal but sampling only one course per restaurant. My husband and I did this in the Epcot section of Walt Disney World.

Having a more adventurous weekend-long date allows you to learn new things about your partner. If you wish to try the 'full meal' date, you'll learn all about his favorite ethnic foods-and both of you may discover new delectables as well.

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