5 Ways to Get Over Your Dating Fatigue

My life is beginning to feel a lot like Groundhog Day. The movie starring Bill Murray, not the day in February.

It seems like my weekends are turning into an endless series of first dates -- mostly with guys I've met online -- that end up making me want chew off my arm rather than see them again. I do enjoy being single, but I'm not ready to resign to the single life... yet.

I know I'm not the only person who feels this way, but how can us fatigued daters get over the feeling? I asked a few dating experts to weigh in with advice on getting over the slump and back into the game.

Take a Break

Everyone needs a break from work from time-to-time, so take a self-imposed sabbatical from the dating world when fatigue starts to set in.

"Fatigue happens when you keep going and going without a giving yourself the chance to recharge," relationship expert Natalie Vartanian tells Yahoo Shine. A break gives you the mental and emotional space to examine what you have been doing and use that information to figure out what you truly want for yourself.

"This way you come back to dating refreshed and clearer about what you want," she adds.

Change Your Mindset

Dating should be fun, not a chore. It's time to have a little heart-to-heart with yourself if cleaning your bathroom starts to sound more appealing than a date.

"One big shift in approach is seeing dating as fun and exciting," says Vartanian. "Make a conscious choice that the dating experience is not going to suck this time! If you keep telling yourself that 'dating is hard and I'm never going to meet anyone,' you won't."

Switch Up the Scenery

You know how refreshed you feel after you get away for the weekend? A simple change in scenery has a way of shaking things up in a good way. Switching your dating "scenery" might be the thing you need to get things back on track, says dating expert Zondra Hughes.

"If you are bumping into the same bad dates with the same types of people, you may be fishing in the wrong pool," explains Hughes. "Instead of going to a nightclub, go to a coffee house, or a wine-tasting, or even a bowling alley with friends. Stick to the hobbies you like. You are likely to bump into like-minded people, and find better dates there."

Keep It Short

Dating takes a ton of effort: You have to find an outfit, get ready and drive to the meeting spot, all for a date that might not work out. Do that a handful of times and you're well on your way to Burnout City. Instead, dating coach Chau Nguyen recommends mini dates near your house.

"Pick a place 5-10 minutes from your home for your first date," he advises. "If you feel bad about him driving far, you can suggest making some popcorn for him at your place during the second date."

Abandon Your Type

Maybe you only like to date tall guys, or guys with tattoos. It's natural to have a type, but don't just automatically dismiss all potential dates who don't fit into your tiny box.

"If your type is often a dead-end, perhaps you should try something new," says Hughes. "Give the short guy a shot; or the older guy. It may be an experience that changes you."

How did you get over your dating fatigue? Sound off below!

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