5 ways to prevent illness on Halloween

Who wants to feel sick after Halloween? After all, you've got all that leftover candy to eat and the kids have their own stash to snack away on. However, there are a few hidden dangers that could make you ill. Whether it's a mosquito bite in humid areas of the country or a buffet kept at improper temperatures, you can get quite sick. Here are just five ways to prevent illness on Halloween.

Protect Yourself and the Kids From Mosquitoes

If you live in areas where the weather is still warm in October, such as Florida, you will definitely want to protect the family from mosquitoes. This year has been the worst year for West Nile Virus cases. The virus can be extremely hard on young children so make sure everyone is protected before going trick-or-treating.

Stay Warm

On the other hand, if you live in an area that gets really cold during the Halloween season, you want to take measures to stay warm. While you may be tempted to wear that sexy little number, you'll be much happier choosing a costume that is both sexy and warm. The same goes for little ones. Make sure their costumes will keep them warm throughout the night.

Use Hand Sanitizer

Going from house to house can lead to a lot of germs. Keep hand sanitizer in the car and have everyone use it in between stops. This might be slightly annoying, but it can definitely keep little ones from catching colds.

Avoid Over-Indulging

Whether it's sweets or cocktails, you need to make sure everyone enjoys Halloween responsibly. While your kids may want to chow down on cupcakes, cookies, and candy, it can lead to an upset stomach that makes them miserable. The same goes for you and those cocktails. If you over-indulge, there's a good chance you'll have a huge headache the next morning.

Keep Foods at the Proper Temperatures

If you're going to be serving a buffet, make sure all the foods are kept at the proper temperature. Keep salad dressings and items with mayonnaise cold and keep hot foods hot. There are a number of serving pieces that make this easier to do.

Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year, but it can lead to headaches and upset stomachs. Take your time to keep you and your family healthy this Halloween.