5 ways to get a radiant glow without the tanning bed

If you've thought about hitting the tanning bed to revive your long-lost summer tan, it's still a risky venture because those UV rays will damage your skin. The Skin Cancer Foundation reports that indoor ultraviolet (UV) tanners are 74 percent more likely to develop melanoma than people who have never hit the indoor tanning booth.

Even though I live in the Sunshine State, my olive skin still looks a little lackluster and even pale during the colder months. To keep my skin glowing year round - without getting premature wrinkles or putting myself at risk for skin cancer - I've had to adopt a new skin and beauty regimen.

Here are five ways to get a radiant glow without hitting the tanning beds this season:

  1. Keep skin well-hydrated. Make sure you use plenty of moisturizer this season and massage the lotion or body butter with light pressure each time you apply it. A light massage with a rich moisturizer will not only hydrate your skin, but will also increase circulation, which promotes healthy cell regeneration. Keeping your skin nourished and in good condition will bring out your natural glow.
  2. Watch your diet. If you don't eat right, your skin is going to show it. Even though high-fat comfort foods sound appealing, I make sure to stick with a more balanced diet of whole grains, lean protein, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Bump up your vitamin C and E intake to improve overall skin health.
  3. Use a sunless tanner. It might take some time to find a sunless tanner that actually complements your natural skin tone but your research efforts will be worth it. Look for a sunless tanner that dries quickly and develops color over a couple of days. While "instant" tanners can give your skin a boost, most look very artificial. Get into the habit of using these products throughout the week to maintain your radiant glow all season long.
  4. Keep your skin in good shape. Exfoliate regularly to slough away dead skin cells that can give you a lackluster appearance. See a dermatologist if you need to treat skin conditions like eczema or rosacea. If your skin isn't in good shape, you just won't be able to achieve a natural, healthy glow.
  5. Use the right makeup tricks. Unless you live in a warm-weather state, you will probably be wearing full-sleeve tops and long pants or jeans for most of the winter. Maintain the appearance of a sun-kissed tan by using a liquid bronzer mixed with moisturizer on your face and neck. This is one of the easiest beauty tricks for achieving a radiant glow without the tanning booth, or even a facial tanner.


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