5 ways to refresh your outdoor space

Many homeowners have an outdoor living area that is used as an extension of their home. Whether it is a porch, patio, or open space in the garden, it can be used as a fun hangout spot for entertaining friends, relaxing on a warm summer's evening, or spending time with family. This summer, make the most out of your outdoor living area by using these ideas to refresh your outdoor space.

Create privacy

An outdoor living space isn't worth a lot if everyone in the neighborhood watches as you try to enjoy it. Thus, the first thing you should do to refresh your outdoor space is create a way to make things more private. This can be done by hanging pretty outdoor curtains, blocking out the view with retractable bamboo blinds, planting flowering trees or showy bushes, or by having an arbor erected. Over-sized hanging flowers and plants can also be used to limit what others can see.

Incorporate a fire pit

Add warmth to your outdoor living area with a fire pit. For $100 or less, you can get an attractive fire pit that you can use every night. They're great for roasting marshmallows, relaxing on a cool summer night, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Plus, they create a cozy ambiance that you just can't get with a Tiki torch. You'll find that they're also great in the fall, too!

Temperature control

When summer is at its peak and the temperatures soar, it can be difficult to enjoy an outdoor living area. Cool things off by installing an outdoor ceiling fan in a covered porch or patio. You'll reduce the temperature considerably and provide a comfortable breeze that will make even the hottest day more enjoyable. For an uncovered porch or patio, try erecting a collapsible awning, which will allow you to enjoy the sun when you want, and block it out when you don't. Less expensive options may include covering the area with a pergola or portable canopy.

Light the space

Make your outdoor living space come alive with new lighting. Solar powered garden and path lights not only help illuminate the ground at night, but they add a delicate ambiance, too. Garden lanterns and strings of twinkling white lights are also attractive ways to help light up an outdoor space at night.

Add color

To really refresh your outdoor space, add many splashes of color. Place weather resistant pillows on outdoor furniture, define the space with a pretty outdoor rug, and spice things up with coordinating candles, potted plants, and flowers. Choose three to four colors to work with and keep with that color scheme throughout the outdoor living area.

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