5 ways to style a chin-length bob

Bobs are still in! This is a haircut that just doesn't want to go out of style. An easy, chic, chin-length bob is one of the most universally flattering hair styles in today's trends. Not only are bobs flattering, they are very versatile and easy to style. In spite of their short length, there are oodles of options for styling. Here are five great ways to style your chin-length bob.

Straight and sleek. For a serious affair, a work meeting, or just because, you may want to go with a sleek, chic look. This is easy if your hair is already straight. Just apply a bit of mousse to your damp hair. Part it on the side, and blow dry straight and down with a large round brush. If your hair is curly, use a flat iron spray and carefully flat iron your locks -- just use a low setting so you don't burn your hair. Either way, make sure the ends are perfectly straight. A wide flat iron works best to straighten unruly ends. A dab of shine serum will help finish your look.

Ends flipped up. This is probably my fav way to wear a chin-length bob. It works best if your hair has some layers. Apply some gel to your damp hair, and part it wherever you normally would. I prefer side parts, as they are the most flattering for the most women. Use a medium sized round brush. Blow dry your hair in small sections, pulling the hair up at the roots for volume, then down along the mid-strand. Lastly, curl the ends up by grabbing the ends from the top (as opposed to the underside) and turning the brush towards your head while blow drying. Finger curl any unruly spots, then spray lightly. You can turn up just the ends at the bottom of the bob, or curl up the layers, too. A little pomade after you blow dry will add texture and oomph for fine hair.

Wavy and scrunched. If your hair has a little curl, then this is a great weekend style for you. Or, save it for those days when you're running late but still want a bit of style to your hair. Just apply some mousse to your damp hair, part it, and scrunch. Scrunch a few times while it's air drying to keep it from getting crunchy. If your hair is straight, you'll need to add some waves with a large barrel curling iron. You can quickly curl your dry hair, just don't make it too perfect. Spritz with a little hair spray and enjoy!

Slicked back. OK, I admit, I don't really like this look, but I do see it around the holidays as I flip through many (way too many) fashion magazines. It's pretty simple, Start with very damp hair. Apply a generous portion of gel, then part your hair. Comb it straight back so that you get a little poof in the front. Spray it until it doesn't move. This is a slightly masculine, high-fashion look to wear with a cocktail dress or a tuxedo shirt.

Curly and full. If you like volume, then this is the style for you! Apply some mousse to your hair, part it, blow dry it upside down for volume. If your hair is already curly, be careful or it might frizz. Then, take a medium barrel curling iron, and curl your entire head of hair, one small section at a time. Let the curl cool, then lightly spray with a workable hair spray. Tease the roots for lots of volume, and gently arrange the curls. The more you tease, the more volume you'll achieve. Remember, big hair is back in a big way, so have fun and go as big as you dare! Spray it with your favorite hair spray so it lasts and lasts.

No matter what your look, there is a bob style just for you. Pick your favorite or try them all!