6 common mistakes married men make

Okay husbands, it is time for a wake-up call! I am putting you on notice concerning these six common mistakes that married men make. While wives love you, life would be so much nicer if you could tweak these irritating behaviors just a tad. For the record, this has nothing to do with the toilet seat or the trash. Address these deeper issues and you will have much happier (and satisfied) wives. Ready to get started?

Practice active listening. Zoning out and nodding absentmindedly at me does equate active listening. Talk to me; challenge me. Do not offer advice unless asked or reactively threaten to hurt someone that I complain about. I want some empathy and understanding; not Tarzan or King Kong. Turn off the television, or at least mute it, when we talk.

Don't make major purchases without consulting me. I love that you wanted to surprise me with a sofa-sized painting of... well, something but that was not a cool money choice. Please don't buy appliances, televisions, cars and the like without talking to me first. I am your partner, not your child and deserve to have a vote in major purchasing.

Stop hiding your feelings. No, I don't want you to cry but please stop hiding your feeling. If I've ticked you off, say so. Don't hide in the basement and pretend nothing is wrong. That could lead to problems later.

Quit with the sexual selfishness. I like sex too! Don't leave me out of the fun. If you don't know how to please me, listen to me. I'll show you! I understand that sometimes it's impossible to be "generous" but that excuse gets thin if it's presented all the time.

Don't be in charge all the time. Learn how to take off the crown. I'm intelligent enough to handle things like discipline and calling the cable company. Let me lead too.

Please keep my secrets. Happily married men are good secret keepers. Don't tell my secrets to others or share intimate details about our home or sex life. That's no one's business but hours. I want to trust you.

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