6 kitchen organization tips I learned from Pinterest

Walk through any big-box home improvement store, and there are plenty of kitchen organizers for sale. Unfortunately, they are usually generic looking, overpriced, and cheaply made. While you may not strive for Picasso in the pantry, a little bit of creativity adds pizazz to an otherwise strictly utilitarian environment. Pinterest comes to the rescue with lots of cute and creative kitchen organization ideas. Here are six that stand out.

1. Hanging Metal Storage Bins

Mount these bins securely to the wall and fill them with little odds and ends that defy proper organization. These are target locations for properly packaged candies, crackers, cookies, and pretzels. Since the bins are easy to access, little hands will not destroy a carefully organized pantry while hunting for gummy worms.

2. Measurement Conversion Chart with Hooks for Measuring Cups

The measurement system is shrouded in mystery for countless cooks, as are the whereabouts of the quarter-cup and one-eighth teaspoon measuring tools. This chart with practical hooks converts ounces to cups and pints like a pro. It also keeps track of even the tiniest measuring spoons.

3. Baby Food Jars + Chalkboard Paint = Herb and Spice Storage

Who needs a spice rack if you can use any kitchen drawer and pack the spices and herbs into uniformly-sized baby food jars? Paint the lids with chalkboard paint and label the tops of the jars to your heart's content.

4. Magazine Rack Doubles as Lid Storage

This is a stroke of genius. A cheap magazine rack, installed on the inside of your pantry door (or wherever you keep your pots and pants), easily holds a variety of differently sized lids. Stack the pots and pans neatly without the huge lids.

5. Uniform Storage Containers

My pantry's organizational system rises and falls with the gradually disintegrating cardboard boxes that hold cereals, rice, noodles, and dried lentils. Transfer these items into see-through containers that are uniformly sized, and your pantry will transform into a permanently organized storage area for a wide variety of foods.

6. Mason Jar Wall Planters for Fresh Herbs

Remember that bunch of canning jars you picked up for a song at the garage sale? Mount them to weathered pieces of wood or a more stylish backing, and then add potting soil as well as herb plants. Be sure to locate these jars near a good light source, and find your kitchen windowsill freed from clutter and unsightly water rings.

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