6 makeup tips I learned from Pinterest

I thought I knew everything possible about makeup; I am a certified skin care consultant after all, but Pinterest taught me a thing or two. The photo-centered format that the site uses makes the perfect setup for a detailed eyeshadow tutorial. In just the past few weeks, I have found six makeup tips that really stood out to me. I quickly pinned them to my Beauty Boards.

Gold and black glitter eyes: I love this look and never thought of putting black and gold together. Not like this at least! This came from Jessica Campbell's "Glitter is my crack..." blog. Jessica use a soft black pencil eyeliner for the crease accent but a liquid black eyeliner to create the perfect double-lash cat eye. Gold eyeshadow above and below the crease adds depth but the icing on "the cake" is the shimmer of gold dust over the eyelid. That's perfection!

Marilyn Monroe laughing: This pin doesn't have any makeup instruction but I can't help but be inspired by the beauty of the late Marilyn Monroe. It reminds me that although she was a girl who loved lipstick, it was her inner beauty and joy for life that made her so beautiful. This pin reminds to work on my "inner makeup" too.

Light up the eyes: This pin had great tips on making small eyes look larger. The artist brushes the inner eye with a white eyeshadow and makes the impression of widening the eye by brushing under the brow with white too. She keeps the lashes full, but not too long and spidery. Lovely!

Mastering falsies: The lashes, not the bra inserts! Pinterest taught me what tools to use and the best way to apply my false eyelashes. Finally, I can wear false eyelashes without looking like a drunken prom date.

Leopard eyelids: I admit I'm addicted to eyeshadow! This Pinterest board peaked my interest because of the leopard print eyeshadow pattern. If you've got 15 to 30 minutes, you could get this unusual style too. Start with a black eyeliner pencil, then apply copper eyeshadow and a dash of white eye cream. For a finishing touch, use eye glitter to get that flashy leopard look.

Blush face chart: This Pinterest board helps you find the right place to place your blush. Did you know that blush should be applied according to your face shape? Yep!

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