6 things kids can do with extra Halloween candy

A couple of years ago my kids had so much candy hoarded away after a couple of fall parades and a profitable night of Halloween trick-or-treating, they were still munching on some of the less desirable pieces well after the start of the new year. That's a crazy amount of candy, and from the looks of some of the hauls I've seen in photos on my friends' Facebook pages, my kids weren't the only ones stashing loads of sweets. If your children end up with way too much candy this year, here are some great ways they can share the wealth with others.

Support the troops

Contact your local Blue Star Mothers group to see if they accept candy donations for their care packages. Or contact the nearest VA hospital or the local VFW chapter to see if they might accept donations. Whether supporting active troops or those who served before, your kids can learn a lot by giving back.

Help the homeless

Soup kitchens and other benevolent organizations aim to help the homeless with healthy meals, but occasional treats are surely appreciated by those who have so little.

Fight domestic violence

Children caught up in domestic violence situations may not be able to safely go out into the community to trick-or-treat or enjoy Halloween carnivals and such. Instead, they may be in hiding, seeking shelter at one of many sanctuaries around the country. Show your support for Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October by giving extra Halloween candy at your local YWCA or other women's shelter to be shared with kids in need.

Treat the nurses

I worked at a hospital before having my twins, and I noticed how much the nurses and other staff appreciated little treats shared by the families of patients or other members of the community. If you have extra Halloween candy, consider sharing a bowl with the nurses and staff on one of the floors of your local hospital.

Delight the elderly

Not every older person has a sweet tooth, but many of them do. And many of them live on a fixed income, so a bag of candy may be a luxury they can't afford. Delight them with a bag of candy and a leisurely visit from you and your kids.

Support public servants

Public servants like the members of your local police, fire and utilities departments work hard to keep your community running smoothly. Your kids can give back to these hard-working individuals in a small way by sharing a few of their Halloween treats. And don't forget your mail carrier. A little bag of candy bars in the middle of November may be just the afternoon pick-me-up needed to help with the all the extra holiday deliveries.

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