6 tips for selling used clothing

Did you know that you can actually make good money off your old clothes? You don't even have to resort to having a yard sale or selling the items for $0.25 a piece. I've found that people are actually interested in buying good quality pieces of used clothing in a variety of locations. However, there are some things you can do to help improve your sales. Here are just a few tips for selling used clothing.

Clean Stains and Repair Damage

It's important to look each piece over carefully and to take care of any stains or loose hems. Not only will this improve your price, but the item will look more lovingly used, rather than just used. If an item to too heavily stained, the stain won't come out or there are holes, toss the item. A reputation as a great seller is more important than a couple bucks.

Consider Different Selling Options

Yard sales aren't the only places to sell used clothing. Facebook has actually become a huge selling source for many people across the United States. Take a look online and chances are you'll find at least one yard sale page or group in your area. If not, start your own.

Take Pictures in Good Lighting

Pictures are worth a 1,000 words, right? Then why not take excellent pictures to help sell your items? You need to find the best lighting source possible, while natural light is wonderful, direct sunlight can affect the color of the clothing in the image.

Write Great Descriptions

"Used t-shirt for sale" won't cut it. You need to write great descriptions for each product you hope to sell. For example, if you have an AC/DC concert t-shirt, you might write a description that reads, "AC/DC concert t-shirt from the band's 2008 tour. Size is medium, overall color is black and the t-shirt is in like new condition. Asking $10."

Display with Care

If you are going to sell your used clothing in a yard sale, display it like a store would. Don't just fold up a bunch of shirts and toss them in a pile. Instead, hang them up where they are easy to see. Display your best items off to the side so that shoppers can get the best view.

Price Accordingly

Last, but not least, selling ten $5 items is better than selling one $20 item. You need to make sure your items are priced accordingly. Ask yourself what you'd be willing to pay. For example, would you pay $20 for a pair of used jeans, even if they were designer jeans? Probably not and neither would anyone else.

You can make money off your used clothing. It all boils down to knowing how to display, price and sell the items for the best profit.