7 things to do with your children’s old Halloween costumes

I don't know about you. However, I don't think my daughter would want to be Little Red Riding Hood for several years in a row. Although my son is a baby and doesn't have a choice, I would rather get him a new Halloween costume each year. With two kids, the amount of Halloween ensembles in the house can add up quickly. Here are seven things to do with those old Halloween costumes.

#1 Make a Dress Up Chest

Playing dress up is part of being a child. You can use a wooden chest or even a simple plastic container. Decorate the dress up chest with stick on jewels, paint or a fancy label. This is great for play dates or rainy days.

# 2 Decorations

The other day we were on a walk and saw a Scream costume hanging up on a house. It was pretty scary. Obviously, unless you are decorating in a Disney theme, a Tinkerbell costume might not be the best decoration. However, any masks, capes or ghost costumes can easily be recycled into Halloween décor.

# 3 Acting Costumes

If your children like to act, encourage them to write a play, commercial, fairy tale or skit. The trick is, they have to use their old Halloween costumes. For instance, imagine a skit called "Goldilocks and the Three Bears in Hawaii." This hammock is too hard. This hammock is too soft. This hammock is just right.

# 4 Make Some Cash

I don't like clutter. Thus, I try to keep the kid's Halloween attire in good condition. When they outgrow the costumes (or before) I sometimes sell the costumes back to a local resale shop. You can also sell online. I can use the money for a new costume or pocket it for something else.

# 5 Costume Exchange Party

A month or so before next Halloween, host a costume exchange party. Invite children over for some Halloween games and refreshments. On the invite, ask that they bring an old Halloween costume to swap.

# 6 Use Them for Arts and Crafts

Many of the costumes we purchase have tulle, satin, ribbon and buttons. You can recycle these items by cutting up the fabric and removing buttons. Use the items to make sock puppets, doll clothes and fabric collages. Before breaking out the scissors, make sure your child is okay with cutting up or disassembling the costume.

# 7 Donate

There are many kids who can't afford costumes. This is why donating your child's old costume can really brighten another child's day. The Halloween Helpers is an organization that helps and distributes costumes to kids in need. You can also donate costumes to the Goodwill. Even better, organize a costume drive at your child's school or in your neighborhood.

Save money, reduce clutter and have fun with these tips!

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