7 ways you're scaring off men

Most women have unintentionally scared a guy off at least once in their life without even realizing they were doing it. The best way to prevent making the same mistakes over and over again is to learn how they happened in the first place. If you have no problem meeting guys but having a problem building anything that lasts and you're not sure why, there are a few things you might be doing that could be scaring the guys off.

You treat him like your therapist

If you want to talk about every single thing going on in your life, find a therapist; don't treat your guy like one. Sure he's there to help support you, but unless you play on paying him $120 an hour to listen to you, you don't need to tell him everything. Keep it as light and drama free as possible.

You contact him too often

When you keep contacting him whether it's by Facebook, texting or calling, you're basically telling him you want to make him your life. Give the guy a breather. Concentrate on yourself and contact him when you have time. Avoid contacting him while you're busy with family or friends and make yourself and what you have to do a priority.

You always want him around

You don't always have to invite him out when you go somewhere and you shouldn't be expected to be invited out whenever he does something with his friends. If you keep expecting to be at his side whenever he steps foot out the door, he's going to think you're clingy.

You reveal too much too soon

Yes you should open up to him, but don't reveal your entire life story before you even get past the first date. Give him time to get to know you. You might be an incredibly open person, and there's nothing wrong with that, but if you like the guy give him time to get used to you and the information he already knows before you pile on bigger issues.

You trash talk other people

One of the most unattractive things a woman can do is trash talk others whether it's other women or her ex. No matter how tempted you might be, keep your mouth closed when it comes to insulting others around or to a guy you're interested in. Most guys are going to think that they'll either be your next target, you're jealous or you just aren't very nice in general.

You're clingy and possessive

Being possessive is especially bad if the two of you aren't even official yet. Don't keep asking him who he got a text from, who he's hanging out with and who that woman is he just became friends with on Facebook. When you're out together with friends, don't cling to his side like a puppy; give him his space! He'll appreciate the breathing room and you'll show him you're secure and not clingy.

You act more like a guy than a woman

Most guys want a woman who actually acts like one and not like a guy. There are the exceptions of course, but many want a woman who isn't going to burp or fart in front of them or go to the bathroom with the door open while they're feet away. Sure some women might do all that later on in the relationship when there's a really big level of comfort established, but in the beginning stages of the relationship, keep all that to yourself.

When you're first getting to know a guy, there's nothing wrong at all with being excited about a potential relationship, but if you're really into him you don't want to do something that can scare him off and ruin things. Keep that in mind the next time you want to text him all day long or have an urge to bash the woman checking him out.

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