8 budget headboard ideas for every décor

Living on a budget doesn't have to be a drag; it can be an excuse to be extra-creative, too! Recycling old materials into something fresh and new is always exciting, and it's a great way to save money around the house. Here we'll show you simple ways to make a new headboard for the bedroom, without spending a bundle. You don't have to know how to sew, build, or craft, so don't be intimidated. We've got budget headboard ideas for every décor and any skill level.

Window headboard - Abandoned window panes can be found in antique stores, consignment shops, and garage sales at ridiculously low prices. Use them to a make budget headboard that is sure to impress. If you like the look of a distressed finish, you won't have to do anything other than clean the window up. But if you prefer a more polished look, simply sand and repaint the wood. Then, attach fabric or wallpaper to the back of the panes to add visual appeal, and hang behind the bed.

Ladder headboard - A small wooden ladder can be used to create a one-of-a-king budget headboard, and there are all kinds of ways to dress it up and make it unique. Attach pictures, small mirrors, fabric, or wallpaper, between each rung of the ladder. Work artificial flowers, white lights, or greenery around and through each rung. Or, leave it plain for a simplistic approach.

Mantelpiece headboard - A salvaged mantelpiece makes a magnificent DIY headboard, and requires virtually no effort to install. Simply use a carpenter's level to ensure it is even and bracket in place. The headboard should be installed a few feet above the bed, and can be used to hold personal photos, decorative flowers, and other small items.

Door headboard - No matter what your decorating style, a door headboard will look great! Find an old door at a yard sale, salvage yard, or flea market, and turn it into a unique focal point in the bedroom. Leave it as-is for a rustic feel, or sand and repaint it to match your other furnishings. Hang the door horizontally behind the bed and enjoy!

Frame headboard - Empty picture frames can be used to create a fabulous work or art, and work well as a decorative headboard, too. This idea is best when walls are painted a bold color, and same-color frames of varying shapes and sizes are used. Hang the frames at various spots behind the bed, at different heights and spaces apart. Use our tips for displaying framed photos.

Tapestry headboard - Don't have time to spending sanding, painting, or refinishing? No problem! A tapestry or quilt makes a great budget headboard in a pinch. You can either install a café curtain rod behind the bed and hang the tapestry over it, or spread it out attach it directly to the wall behind the bed.

Mirror headboard - Place an over-sized mirror, or several small ones, behind the bed for an instant headboard design. This is a particularly smart idea for a small bedroom, as the reflective background will help give the illusion of a larger room.

Shutter headboard - Discarded shutters are great for all types of decorative uses around the house, and they make a fabulous budget headboard, too! Take a set of shutters and clean and paint them a fresh new color. Play around with their arrangement and see which way you like them best. Stacking them vertically or horizontally will give them a very different effect. See more ways to use shutters at home.

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