8 signs you're addicted to your smartphone

I love my smartphone like my kids love their video games. Prior to my iPhone purchase I fussed at them constantly about playing with their digital toys too much. Now, I am the one sitting on the couch staring at the screen shooting zombies or searching for the best price on school shoes. I guess addiction is a strong word for my like/need/love for my phone but it's close. I've got eight signs that prove I'm addicted to my smartphone. Do you recognize these?

I sleep with it. I have an alarm app that I use, even though I have a perfectly good alarm clock on my nightstand. My phone is the first thing I check when I wake up, even before I make the coffee. It makes sense to have it nearby.

I own several chargers and use them daily. I have three actually, strategically located in the kitchen, the bedroom and the car. I hide them from the kids though. They have their own.

I spend more on apps than I do on lunch. Rather than adjust the entire budget for my app addiction, I've just cut out expensive lunches. I bring noodles, a can of soup or a sandwich from home. (Hmm... that's a good thing, I've lost a dress size!)

I sneak around work to check my Facebook status. Well, what else is there to do when you're standing in front of the copier? I don't post while I work; I do the occasional friend status check though. I keep my iPhone in my pocket at all times.

I've nicknamed my smartphone. Raj has Siri, I have Judy. (The Big Bang Theory fans will understand.) My kids even call my phone Judy. Once a cat-hating neighbor heard the kids say, "Mom lost Judy. Has anyone seen her?" I had to explain that we hadn't broken our lease and brought a cat in.

I go back home if I forget it. This happens once in a blue moon. When I forget my iPhone, I have to go back home to retrieve it. I rely on my GPS app to get me to new destinations. (That's what I tell the kids anyway.)

I take it to the potty. Do I need to elaborate here? Reading material and entertainment all in one.

If I borrow someone's phone, it feels like I'm cheating. On Judy. A borrowed phone provides no satisfaction at all. It's shiny screen has unfamiliar apps and they are all located in the wrong place. I don't borrow, if at all possible.

So do you think I'm addicted?