Accessorize your home with pops of neon

Neon is one of the hottest trends in home design and there are dozens of different ways to incorporate this trend into your own living space. You don't have to give the entire room a color makeover when you know how to add a few eye-catching accessories to the space and choose colors that complement your existing color scheme. Here are some tips for accessorizing or decorating your home with pops of neon:

Freshen Up the Bathroom

Freshen up the bathroom for the season with some bold pops of color. Neon-hued bathroom accessories, rugs, and even a neon-colored shower curtain can brighten up this space instantly. Be bold and daring with a neon pink shower curtain or add some neon-printed towels to the towel rack. Pick out a new bathroom accessories set in a colorful neon print or other eye-catching design. Stick with the same shade for different accessories for a more coordinated look.

Accessorize the Kitchen

You don't usually think about adding color to the kitchen beyond painting or stenciling the walls, or buying a different color of appliances. However, it's easy to freshen up this space with a few kitchen accessories. Consider placing a bright yellow or orange fruit bowl on the main countertop or adding some neon-hued placemats or pot holders to the kitchen island or other countertops for a pop of color. Some printed curtains in neon hues could also brighten up the kitchen area and add a fun twist to the space.

Brighten Up the Living Room

When you want to freshen up the living room or family room, think beyond sofa covers and rugs. A simple change like adding some large throw pillows in a bold color or trading out plain black picture frames for neon-hued frames could be enough to create a more playful ambiance. You could also add a neon-printed lampshade to side table lamps, or place a neon mat on a coffee table or other smaller pieces of furniture around the room.

Update the Bedrooms

Whether you're looking to update the master bedroom or the guest rooms, add some neon pillows, small rugs, or printed curtains to the mix. You don't have to change the entire color scheme of the bedroom to make this trend work. Just choose complementary neon colors to the existing color scheme for a refreshing update. For example, a classic black and white-themed room could easily be updated with some neon pink, green, or orange hues. Be creative with different neon colors that will complement your existing color scheme or theme, and turn to accessories such as cushion or pillow covers, throw pillows, wall hangings, small sculptures, and picture frames in neon colors to brighten up these areas.