Add some sparkle to work attire

Dressing for work is becoming less of a burden as women turn their backs on basic blacks and look to more fashionable fabrics and colors to brighten the work week. Not only can women feel more confident and fashionable in work attire, but they can sneak a little sparkle into what is otherwise a somewhat boring wardrobe. And it's easy to do. Here are three outfits that are work appropriate while boasting a bit of sparkle or embellishment that look great in everyday wear. And at the end of the work day, just shed the jacket and hit the town without having to change!

A Brocade Dress

Brocade is often seen at after-six events, but a well-cut blazer or knit sweater paired with coordinating heels or flats can take this generally fancy dress comfortably into the world of business. As long as the hemline isn't too high, a splash of color in an unexpected fabric is perfectly appropriate for the workplace.

A Laser Cut Lace Party Dress

This trend is interesting because while it isn't lace, it does resemble that lady-like fabric. A party dress doesn't have to be stored in the back of the closet and only worn at Christmas, as long as it is a modest silhouette. Instead of a clinging, high-hemmed red sheath dress, invest in an a-line black dress with laser cutouts and add a cardigan or a blazer-try something bright-and a pair of modest heels. The a-line cut is almost universally flattering, and for an actual party, with the blazer removed and a pair of stunning shoes and the right jewelry, this dress will get worn much more than the usual party dress.

Shimmery Pants

If you're more of a slacks kind of girl, ditch the black trousers with the dated cuffs and invest in a pair of well-cut pants that show off a little sparkle in the fabric. Not only are they very neutral and can be worn with a variety of tops, but they definitely can't be called boring.

Office-wear doesn't have to be boring and completely lacking in personality. Fall trends allow women to modestly bring a little sparkle to the workplace without sacrificing professionalism. The best part is that these pieces also transition well into a night out on the town, even if you go right from the office.