Are alcoholic beverages taking a toll on your diet?

We all know that sugary drinks like soda pop are making a huge contribution to the obesity epidemic. Now, a new study from the CDC points out something that should have been acknowledged long ago. The calories found in alcoholic beverages are similar to those found in sugary sodas, and there simply is no sugar-free booze alternative. No, not even light beer is all that light. Could it be that it's really those two glasses of wine you have every night that keeps the scale from budging, rather than that handful of almonds you ate? Yes, it's quite possible. Here are some tidbits from the study for you to digest.

On average, adults in the U.S. consume about 100 calories per day from alcoholic beverages. Think about it; that glass of wine could be replaced with a 100 calorie, bite-size Oreo snack pack or a heaping plate of your favorite vegetables.

    Men consume roughly 150 calories worth of booze per day, which is the equivalent of one can of beer, while women consume 50 calories from alcohol or about a half a glass of wine.

    Younger men consume a higher amount of calories coming from alcohol, and people in higher income brackets also drink away more of their daily calorie allotment.

    There is no difference in alcohol consumption among different racial or ethnic groups. The young and the wealthy are the ones who are drinking the most.

    Whether you are drinking just enough to keep you from losing weight, or so much that you are not eating, keep in mind that booze is a lot like soda in another way. Alcohol equates to empty calories. There is virtually no nutritional value to be found in alcohol or soda.

    Eating 100 calories a day of vegetables, nuts, or protein is infinitely better for you than drinking your calories in the form of beer or wine. Additionally, think of the cost savings of giving up that nightly drink or two! Booze costs money, but so does a Weight Watcher's membership. If you give up the nightly drink, walk 30 minutes per day, and eat sensibly, a weight-loss program might actually work for you. You have nothing to lose by giving up calories consumed through alcohol, except for that spare tire.