Alternatives to conventional baby shampoo

Many parents were shocked when it was recently revealed that Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo, that hallmark product of babyhood, contains ingredients that are known carcinogens. They are now working on reducing or getting rid of those chemicals, but the fact remains that many other brands of conventional baby shampoo also contain questionable ingredients. A quick browse around the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database reveals that many popular baby shampoos have less than acceptable scores. Here are some things you can do if you feel uncomfortable about using conventional baby shampoos on your baby.

Organic/All-Natural Baby Shampoos

There are many choices of natural baby shampoos on the market today that are healthier alternatives to conventional baby shampoo, both for your baby and for the environment. Many of these are not 100% natural, however. Another downside to natural baby shampoos is that they often carry a heavy price tag. That's why some parents opt for one of the two other alternatives listed below.

Homemade Baby Shampoo

Making your own baby shampoo can seem a little daunting, but it's actually not too hard, and can save you lots of money in the long run. There are many different recipes that can be found online for making your own shampoo. Many take advantage of castile soap, which is derived from olive oil. You can even choose to add in essential oils for their health benefits and natural scent. Keep in mind that if you want to add essential oils to your baby's shampoo, only certain kinds are gentle enough for children. Some safe ones to use are lavender, tea tree, and chamomile oils. Keep in mind that castile shampoo is not "tear-free," so you'll need to be extra careful using it around your baby's eyes.

Water Only

This method is, of course, the cheapest way to wash your baby's hair. Before she's a toddler who spreads her food all over herself and goes jumping in mud puddles, she doesn't need much in the way of soap for her hair. Many moms just wash their baby's hair with water and have some natural baby shampoo on hand for days where their baby gets particularly sweaty or dirty. Once your baby's hair gets longer, you can start using one of the two above methods.

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