12 Dirt-Cheap Ideas for a Spectacular Fourth of July Bash

Do you want to celebrate the 4th of July in style, but you're on a tight budget? Check out guest blogger Nancy Pfeifer, who came up with a very thrifty and creative way to celebrate the holiday with a lot of zing, but without breaking the bank.

Guest Blogger: Nancy Pfeifer of A to Zebra Celebrations

A lot of my inspiration came from a board I created on Pinterest.com. I was excited to challenge myself and figure out how to style something that would wow your guests -- regardless of how much you spent on the party. I think you'll love these ideas!

1. Tables

I went around my house and gathered all the things I could use to set up my tables. I used a 6-ft. table with a white tablecloth. You can find tablecloths at Target for $16.99. I use mine very often. I am not good at sewing, but I can make simple table runners and napkins as you see displayed on the tables. The blue and white stripes fabric is from Goodwill ($.99 cents for all of it). The red and stars table runners cost me about $20 in material, but you will have leftover material for other use.


2. Table Set-Up

A cake, cupcakes or dessert does not need to be the focal point in the middle of the table. I used my white beverage jar to make it my centerpiece. This jar is from Linens & Things. Do you remember that store? I've had the jar for over 8 years! I wrapped 2 cans of soup with stars scrapbook paper to set the little red jars on to.
Table Set-Up

3. Dessert Substitute

I decided not to buy desserts such as cookies, cupcakes, or cake pops because it can get very expensive. I bought summer fruit and it was way more affordable. Everyone loves fruit, right?!

Red grapes
Watermelon (cut into stars with a cookie cutter)
I made mini strawberry shortcakes in the clear glass jars

Total spent for fruit: $6.50 (everything was on sale)
The small serving white tray where all the fruit is set up is from Pier1 Imports. It costs $24.99, but I had a $20 gift card. I only paid $4.99 plus tax!

Dessert Substitute

4. Fun Glassware

I purchased 4 clear star dishes at the Dollar Tree ($4)
The candy scoops are from Walmart ($3) for a pack of 3
I bought a small amount of m&m's ($5) from here: SweetiesCandyaz.

Fun Glassware

5. More Items

I bought red and white tootsie rolls ($3) from here: SweetiesCandyaz.
I bought 2 bags of "flag" mints at the Dollar Tree ($2).
The little flags are from Target 3 of them for $1.
The red jars next to the white beverage jar are from Hobby Lobby. Clearance isle for $1.25 each.

More Items

6. Red Vines

I bought one bag of "red vines" ($1) and wrapped them with flag ribbon I purchased at Hobby Lobby for 90% off last year. It helps to buy things after each holiday. You get the best deal. The patriotic boxes where the beverage jar and flowers are setting on are also from the 90% isle last year.

Red Vines

7. Mason Jars

All the mason jars are from Goodwill. I spent $3.50 for all of them.

The patriotic straws inside the jars are from the Dollar Tree ($1).

Mason Jars

8. Patriotic Banners

I make my own pennant banners with scrapbook paper. If you don't want to make your own, you can purchase them in my etsy shop at A To Zebra Celebrations.

Patriotic Banners

9. Kids Table

I used my daughters' old table from IKEA. I put a red Christmas tablecloth I bought at Walmart years ago. I made the little table runner with the stripes fabric from Goodwill.

Kids Table

10. Napkins and Plates

I bought paper plates, napkins, and 4 apple juice boxes at the Dollar Tree. Total for this $4. I wrapped each juice box with scrapbook paper. The little pinwheels inside the red jar in the middle of the table are from Michael's $1.20 with the 40% off coupon.

Napkins and Plates

11. Chairs

I wrapped the red chairs with the "flag" ribbon from my 90% off purchase at Hobby Lobby last year.


12. Special Touches

All the little tags, signs, and party circles are a FREE download from Paper & Pigtails etsy shop. You can download them here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5oq3itg8jbfkkcw/July4thPrintables.zip.

Special Touches

Total Cost

Total for this party was less than $80.

However, I didn't spend this much because I already had many things in hand.

This total is for someone that practically has to get everything except the tables.

If you are buying tables, then you will go over this amount.

I suggest to borrow from friends/family if you need to. Walmart, Goodwill, Target and garage sales are the best places for white dishes.

Total Cost

It honestly did not take long to gather my ideas for this party. My brain spins with ways to do something amazing, but on a small budget. It is possible to have a "wow" party without spending a fortune. I believe that many times, "less" is more.

I put this together in about a week, using a lot of things I already had at home. I shop at garage sales, Dollar Tree and thrift stores to find my party props. It's fun for me to share these ideas that other mommies can easily duplicate/copy.

About Nancy:
Nancy is CEO of A to Zebra Celebrations.

I am the owner of A to Zebra Celebrations. I've been happily married to a wonderful man for 11 years. I'm a stay-at-home mommy to two lovely little girls; Ashley, 6, and little sister Hannah, 5. I love planning parties for my daughters. In the fall of 2009, after organizing my oldest's zebra party, I brought A to Zebra Celebrations to life. My passion for parties and entertaining started when I was a little girl.

Photos courtesy of Jamie Lynn Photography

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