5 Tips for Filling Your Holiday Season with Romance

."Anderson Live" guest bloggers Ellie Lisitsa and Michael Fulwiler of The Gottman Institute share 5 tips for putting the romance in your holiday season.

With meals to prepare, gifts to purchase, decorations to put up, and in-laws to entertain, the holidays can be stressful. Don't let your navigation of the holiday season cause you to put your relationship on the back burner! To ensure that your relationship thrives, follow Dr. Gottman's 5 Tips for filling the season with romance. For more information, visit Gottman.com.

1. Give Love

On a budget? Instead of overspending on gifts, show your partner your love with a thoughtful, personal gesture. One idea we love: think of 10 qualities you love and cherish about your partner, write them on little bits of paper, and put them in a jar with a ribbon around it. Our favorite part: you can update this jar by adding positive qualities about your partner long after the holidays have passed.

3. Stay Emotionally Connected

Make sure to check in with your partner before going to bed by asking questions like, "How are you? How is the world treating you?" Really listen to their concerns, stresses, and frustrations. Don't give advice, just express empathy. According to Dr. Gottman, it is critical that you show genuine interest, communicate your understanding, take your partner's side, express a "we against others attitude," and validate their emotions.

4. Make Memories

Cuddle up with your partner, grab a cup of hot cocoa, and watch your favorite holiday movie. Take a walk down a tree-lined street and kiss under the Christmas lights. Have breakfast in bed. Build a fire. Hold each other. Dream. Reminisce. Make sweet memories - they are the ultimate gift you can give to each other in the holiday season.

5. Create Traditions

How did your partner celebrate the holidays growing up? Do they have traditions? What are their best and worst memories? What is the ideal meaning of the holiday season in your partner's mind? Have a conversation about how you can honor that meaning this year. Share your own family traditions and create special ones of your own together - for this year, and the many years to come.

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