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    Media personality and lifestyle expert Terri Trespicio shares her creative ideas for a fun date night on a budget for Valentine's Day!

    Terri writes:
    It would be incredibly easy for me to tell you all the ways to blow your cash on Valentine's Day -- because there's no shortage of them. Who wouldn't love a decadent meal, a $75 bottle of wine, French macaroons flown in from Paris this morning? Though, I'll admit, other V-day standbys like couples massages always struck me as creepy, and I think I'll pass on the gold-dipped roses.

    You can have fun on Valentine's Day without spending hundreds! You don't even need a boyfriend. Here's my list of things to do on the cheap whether you're hanging with a partner, a gaggle of friends, or going solo.

    Date Ideas on Valentine's Day for Under $20: For Couples, Friends & You
    #1 For Couples

    Go twilight sledding. Once the kids have packed it in for dinner, hit the slopes for some private downhill fun. (Snow angel make-out session optional.)

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