Anderson Asks Guard About Michael Jackson Drug Use

Anderson asks Mike Garcia, one of Michael Jackson's former security guards and someone in the family's close circle, if it was clear that the King of Pop had a drug issue.

"I'll say that I've seen him intoxicated, but to have a drug issue, um, not during my watch," comments Garcia. "It wasn't like he was an addict or anything like that."

Take a look at Garcia's answer to Anderson's question, "Was he doing this propofol stuff, to your knowledge?"

Anderson also asks Garcia if it made sense that Dr. Murray would ask that one of Michael Jackson's kids be sent to the room where MJ had stopped breathing.

"That part angers me," says Garcia." Here is his full answer...

Revealing details inside the Michael Jackson death trial, Anderson is joined by Dr. John Kennedy, who shows a representation of the amount of propofol ordered by Jackson's private physician, Dr. Conrad Murray.

Propofol is typically used for elective procedures and is often used when implanting a pacemaker. According to Kennedy, "This drug is really powerful and requires important monitoring."

Take a look at the visual representation of what Dr. Murray ordered over an 80-day period in 2009.

Anderson gets the reaction of Marcia Clark, head prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson trial. "That's like a bathtub full of propofol as the doctor," says Clark. "A quarter of what he's got in that syringe, a quarter, is what you use for a colonoscopy. Imagine then what that's going to do to someone who doesn't need a procedure, he's just trying to go to sleep."

Take a look at a clip of the demonstration.


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