Anderson Dresses as Phil Donahue for Halloween

Happy Halloween! Anderson pays homage to talk TV legend Phil Donahue for his first "Anderson" Halloween. Take a look at his Phil-like entrance...

In true Donahue style, Anderson had to ask, "Is the caller there?" To the audience's surprise, Phil was there in-person, responding, "Yes, the caller is here."

"I'm so honored that you're here," says Anderson. "I'm such a fan of yours. You were on the air for 29 years doing your show. I've been on for like a month. How do you do that? The amount of energy that is required is really extraordinary!"

"Well, it is," says Phil, "but you're young, and you will be fine. I hope you'll be running around. Getting everybody in."

Take a look at Phil's in-studio surprise...


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