'Anderson Live' Explores Drug Trend 'Smiles'

Anderson and co-host Lisa Ling explored a dangerous new drug trend called "Smiles," a synthetic drug with unusual and unpredictable side effects, including hallucinations, erratic behavior and even death.

Anderson speaks with Kirk, a teen who videotaped himself taking "Smiles" before posting it online to educate others before they take it. Kirk explains, "The reason I make the videos is to inform others about the proper dosages and so they know what they're getting."

Debbie, a mom who recently lost her son to "Smiles," says she thinks what Kirk is doing is "horrible."

Ann Hayes, President of Investigation Management and a former Special Agent with the DEA, shares her expertise on warning signs parents should look for if they suspect their child is doing drugs.

Hayes says there are specific code words used by teens on social media sites to find these synthetic drugs, like "Smiles." Hayes talks about three major drug warning signs... watch the video to find out what they are.

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