Awake or Asleep? One Girl’s Traumatic Sleep Disorder

Alanna suffers from Kleine-LevinSyndrome, a sleep disorder which results in regular "episodes" that cause Alanna to behave and communicate as though she's awake, even though she's technically in a state of sleep.
During these episodes -- which have lasted up to eight months -- Alanna displays regressive behavior, often acting childlike and temperamental. "I can 'wake up,' I can go to the bathroom, I can eat, and I can talk even, but I'm not in a right state of mind," Alanna says of the episodes. "I'm completely different than I am now."

When Alanna wakes up, she cannot remember these episodes, even when they last for long periods of time.
"It's just so difficult, because it's just not me. That's not Alanna. That's not who I am," Alanna says. "It's so sad, because I have no control over it."

Dr. Michael Breus, a world-renowned sleep specialist and author of "The Sleep Doctor's Diet Plan," joins the show to talk to Anderson, Alanna her family about how common Alanna's illness is, saying it's not unusual for KLS patients to sleep for 18-24 hours per day.
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Alanna and her mother, Diane, have not given up hope for a cure. They've chosen to speak out about the illness in hopes that they can find a cure. "It is so important for a KLS sufferer to have support," Diane says. "There is absolutely no choice in this."

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