Say Bye-Bye to Plastic Surgery: The Latest in Anti-Aging

Do you believe in the power of lasers?Nurse Jamie Sherrill, who works with many celebrity clients, shares some of the latest breakthroughs in anti-aging technology. Jamie believes these new advancements in laser technology have more women staying away from facelifts, Botox and fillers.
Q-Switch Pixel

The Q-Switch Pixel is a non-ablative treatment which utilizes a special tip that heats deep beneath the skin (up to 3mm) so that all skin healing and tightening happens without damage to the outer layer of skin.

Non-ablative treatments improve skin texture and tone, decrease wrinkles and fine lines, and address scarring and pigmentation.

Face and Neck Rejuvination

We are doing the Q-Switch Pixel resurfacing laser for face and neck rejuvenation. Clients are not doing as much Botox and filler - facelifts are being done more sparingly.


ELVR is External Laser Vaginal Rejuvination, and the treatment is done with the Pixel laser.

It evens out skin tone, removes discoloration from ingrown hairs or waxing, removes skin tags and provides overall tightening to external skin.

We just did this segment on VH1's "Hollywood Exes," and have people coming from all over the country to get the treatment done.

iLipo Ultra

With all my clients getting ready for summer vacations, the iLipo Ultra+ has become one of the most popular treatments.

It is an intelligent, non-invasive alternative to liposuction, and benefits include body contouring, cellulite reduction, skin tightening, collagen growth, skin cell renewal and improved circulation -- all with no pain, no needles and no down time.

This treatment is customized for each patient and includes 20 minutes of LED therapy and 10 minutes of Infrared laser vacuum massage. This vacuum massage enhances the removal of released fat cell contents by its suction action and optimizes the absorption of infrared laser into the dermis to promote collagen growth and enhance blood circulation in the area.

How iLipo Works

The i-Lipo Ultra+ low level lasers are released through the treatment pads, triggering a chemical signal in the fat cells that breaks down stored triglycerides in to free fatty acids and glycerol, which are released through the cell membranes.

Fat content is then transported around the body to tissues where it will be "burned off" during a period of post-treatment exercise.

Skin Stamp

The Skin Stamp is made of several 0.5mm needles. When pressed against the surface of the skin, it gently creates hundreds of microscopic perforations.

This allows topical creams to penetrate deeper into the dermis to gain the maximum effect of the product.

It is recommended for fine lines, sun damage, anti-aging and acne scars. The Skin Stamp helps reduce visible signs of aging by improving the skins firmness texture and tone - has an overall tightening and smoothing effect on the skin.

Epidermal Growth Factor

I recommend combining the skin stamp with an Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) to create a truly unique treatment and maximize product penetration.

Gently stamp the entire face 2-3 times, rotating the direction of the stamp each time (do not go into the inner circle of the eye or beyond the lip line) and apply a thin layer of Epidermal Growth Factor Cream.

Guest Blogger: Jamie Sherrill of Beauty Park Medical Spa

Jamie Sherrill is a registered nurse, cosmetic expert and co-owner of Beauty Park Medical Spa in Santa Monica, California. She has over ten years of experience in Los Angeles with the most exclusive med spas with a long list of celebrity clients. In fact, Jamie regularly has 7-10 clients on People Magazine's "Most Beautiful" List! Her celebrity clients refer to her as Nurse Jamie.

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